Turtles Spring 2 2019 Newsletter

Once Upon a Time....
This half term our topic will be linked to Fairy tales. We will be using some traditional and favourite stories to lead our learning. Why not talk to your child at home about their favourite fairytale and why they like it. There are so many stories to choose from why not visit the library and see if you can find any fairy tales which your child is not familiar with such as Chicken Licken, The Elves and the Shoemaker or The Emperor's new clothes. This topic will allow us to use our imagination and create our own fairy tale characters and settings. We will follow the interests of the children and find out about their favourite fairy tales. We will be sharing many of the popular fairy tales such as The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, The 3 Little Pigs. 
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We will be using many of the stories to look at the moral messages and the decisions that the characters make and dilemmas they face. For example Little Red Riding Hood, she chooses to not listen to the instructions her Mum gave her- how would the story be different if she had done as she was told? We will be linking this to our own learning about consequences and making good choices. 
Please spend some time looking over this word mat and talking to your child about the vocabulary that they will find in fairy tales. 
Read Write Inc 
We will be continuing to develop our blending and segmenting skills to support our reading and writing. We will be introducing Set 2 sounds and using these alongside the Set 1 sounds which we are now becoming more confident with. Look at the photo below to see the order which we will be introducing the Set 2 sounds in. Many of the children will be starting working on Ditties (red books) and we will be working really hard to develop our writing and encouraging the children to hold a sentence. We will also be continuing to practise reading red words from sight. 
We will be using stories such as Goldilocks and the three bears, and The 3 Billy Goats Gruff to learn about size. We will be completing sorting and categorising activities as well as ordering objects/characters by size and height. Click on the link below to play this game all about size. We will be baking Gingerbread Men and learning about weight. In our number work we will be learning all about Number bonds and how numbers go together to make a total. 
World Book Day 
Don't forget we will be celebrating World Book Day in school on Friday 8th March. We are inviting the children to come into school dressed as a character from their favourite book as well as bringing the book into school with them to share with their friends. We can't wait to see the children's outfits and to read some of their favourite stories.