Summer 1 2024

To develop our writing we will continue to use stories in literacy. We will write labels, lists, make posters, we will write character descriptions, think about characters feelings and settings of stories. We will retell stories and plan our own narratives to write longer pieces of writing. 
We will continue to use our Monsters to help us practise phonics and reading new sound sin words. 
We will be focussing on reading words with split digraphs:
You can help your child at home by reading words with these sounds.
Our focus across the Summer term is our local history. We will look closely at Warkworth Castle and find out why the castle was built is Warkworth, what the building was used for and its features. We will find out about the conditions living in the castle and make comparisons to other castles in our country.
We hope to go on a visit to Warkworth Castle to support our learning. 
PE: Games (Ball Skills - Hands 1)

The children will learn to dribble a ball with their hands and know why they need to keep it away from a defender,  sending a ball in different ways, accurately and with different force and speeds with their hands.

The children will learn to stop a ball with their hands and combine sending and receiving skills to keep possession of a ball.

By the end of the unit the children will understand how to attack and defend and know what ‘attacking’ and 'defending' means and why we do it in a game situation.

We will continue to listen to and perform songs with our external singing teacher alongside Ocarina lessons.
The Jellyfish will be developing their understanding of the various aspects of using a computer to create and change text. They will familiarise themselves with typing on a keyboard and begin using tools to change the look of their writing, and then they will consider the differences between using a computer and writing on paper to create text.
Why not try Level 1 of DanceMat Typinto find the keys on a keyboard.

We will begin the half term with a focus on Number: Multiplication and Division then introduce fractions.

Help your child to practise counting on and back in 2's, 5's and 10's.

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The children will be investigating a range of everyday materials and learn about objects and the materials they are made from.  We will look at the properties of materials like wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock and compare different materials.
You can help your child at home by talking about the materials that everyday items around the house are made from.
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How does the weather affect our lives?

We will look closely at the weather across the Summer season and make comparisons with those observations we have made throughout the year. We will take weather readings using a range of equipment and record data for this. We will look at the weather across the different continents and how it is different. 

RE: What does it mean to belong to a faith in a community?
The children will focus on what it means to be in a faith community. They will revisit knowledge from prior units about Muslims, Christians and Jewish people considering how members of these communities show how they belong. Children will look at artefacts, places of worship and symbols. 
Puffin Paintings
We will use our skills with different lines and painting techniques to create a puffin painting for the Puffin Festival.
Why not follow this video to learn how to draw a puffin.
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This term the children will develop their creativity with a whole class drawing activity linked to shapes and textures.  We will look at some well known Optical Art and talk about what we can see.  Our focus this term is drawing and ‘line’.  The children will be exploring what line means and looking at the continuous line drawings by Picasso.  Then they will create their own drawings in the style of Picasso.  The children will have the opportunity to select different materials to create their own art.  Finally we will look at the role of craftmakers, thinking particularly about printing.
The children will continue with textiles, joining fabrics and designing, making and decorating their own puppets. 
In our Jigsaw learning we will be focussing on relationships.