Our Vision

Our school's curriculum intent,  ethos and values are set out as our 'vision' below.

Amble Links First School

Our Aspirations: Our Vision: Our Curriculum

 Amble Links First School is a safe, happy, hard-working and welcoming place where pupils are at the centre of everything we do.  The vision of our pupils is simply to be ‘the best school in the world’.

 Our overall intent is to ensure that:


  • Can read, write and can work with numbers confidently and fluently
  • Understand and model our ‘3Rs’ of being: Resilient, Responsible and Respectful at all times
  • Have high standards of behaviour
  • Appreciate diversity and respect differences in a climate of ‘It’s Okay’
  • Lead healthy and active lifestyles and understand the importance of doing so
  • Leave us as confident, emotionally intelligent and well-rounded individuals with high aspirations


  • Ensures that the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics are prioritised to give firm foundations for all learning
  • Teaches the children appropriate skills, knowledge and vocabulary and enthuses them to find out more
  • Is relevant to the needs of our pupils and builds strong connections between the subjects and topics they learn about
  • Is inspirational and consistently taught to a high standard, leading to all pupils making excellent progress regardless of need, ability or background
  • Provides a range of opportunities and experiences that prepare pupils for the next stage of their development

 Our strong sense of COMMUNITY:

  • Builds positive relationships with parents and other stakeholders
  • Is reflected in the positive contributions that we make within the local area and further afield


 Everyone Succeeds at Amble Links

 Everything we do at Amble Links is guided by our School Vision and our 3R’s of being Responsible, Resilient and Respectful. All of this will support our children in becoming successful learners and good citizens. These naturally promote British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  These are evident throughout our taught curriculum and the wider school curriculum.  Examples include: our elected school council, visits from local councillors as part of Local Democracy Week, regular visits from uniformed services such as the Police and Fire Service, clear expectations for our pupils’ behaviour, Anti-Bullying accreditation, visits to and visitors from different faith communities and a comprehensive assembly programme that addresses a range of themes and issues.

By far the best way to explore our work is to visit our vast range of galleries.

We are particularly proud that pupils from Amble Links First School have won the Amble and Warkworth Young Citizen’s Award for 6 out of the 10 years it has been running. 

The 3Rs
Our children very quickly come to understand the meaning of these 'big' words and can often be heard using them in conversations with staff at school.

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