Our Vision

Our school's ethos and values are set out as our 'vision' below.

Our Vision

Amble Links First School is a happy, safe and welcoming place where pupils are at the centre of everything we do.  The vision of our pupils is simply to be ‘the best school in the world’.

Our children leave us as confident, emotionally intelligent and well-rounded individuals who have the ability to confidently apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt in real life situations. They understand and model our ‘6Rs’ of being: Resourceful, Reasoning, Resilient, Reflective, Responsible and Respectful. They understand the importance of assessing and taking risks and have the ability to keep themselves and others safe in everything they do. Pupils lead healthy and active lifestyles and understand the importance of doing so.

Consistently outstanding teaching, supported by effective assessment leads to all children making excellent progress regardless of their age, ability or background. Our pupils are expected and challenged to perform and behave to a high standard in every aspect of their school life and their achievements are celebrated. Parents play an integral part in their children’s learning and fully support our vision in the support they provide at home.

Learning in our school is fun and challenging; it has relevance to the community in which our pupils live whilst ensuring that they respect and appreciate diversity and differences in a climate of ‘It’s Okay.’ The needs and interests of our pupils play a key part in the design of our exciting curriculum which has a strong focus on basic skills in literacy and mathematics whilst being broad and balanced.  The curriculum is enhanced with visits and visitors; a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including a range of sports add to this. Resources, including the latest ICT, are effectively utilised.

Everyone is proud to be a part of the Amble Links school community and have high aspirations for themselves. The school is an integral part of the local community and routinely contributes to improving the lives of all within it. Equality of opportunity is embedded in the life of the school.

Every member of the school community is committed to continuous improvement.  Our staff are a happy and well-motivated team. All feel supported, valued and are encouraged to take leading roles.  A climate of openness and honesty strengthens relationships. They are supported by consistent systems and structures with clear lines of communication.

'Everyone Succeeds at Amble Links'


Everything we do at Amble Links is guided by our School Vision and our 6 R’s of being Resourceful, Reasoning, Responsible, Reflective, Resilient and Respectful. All of this will support our children in becoming successful learners and good citizens. These naturally promote British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  These are evident throughout our taught curriculum and the wider school curriculum.  Examples include: our elected school council, visits from local councillors as part of Local Democracy Week, regular visits from uniformed services such as the Police and Fire Service, clear expectations for our pupils’ behaviour, Anti-Bullying accreditation, visits to and visitors from different faith communities and a comprehensive assembly programme that addresses a range of themes and issues.

By far the best way to explore our work is to visit our vast range of galleries.

We are particularly proud that pupils from Amble Links First School have won the Amble and Warkworth Young Citizen’s Award for 4 out of the 5 years it has been running. 

The 6Rs
Our children very quickly come to understand the meaning of these 'big' words and can often be heard using them in conversations with staff at school.

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