Spring 1 2022

The children will complete their learning of Set 3 sounds this half term and use these with increasing accuracy in their sentence writing.  Our handwriting will focus on forming and using capital letters correctly.
Our Talk for Writing texts will be How Tortoise Got His Shell linking to our learning about animals.  We will then move on to Knuffle Bunny to link to our learning about toys.

We will continue our learning about changes in living memory by focussing on toys.  The children will describe the toys that are important to them now and then compare these to popular toys over the last 80 years.  We will be comparing toys that are similar and toys that have changed over the years.


The children will learn about human & physical geography by studying Amble to introduce the language of human & physical features.

The children will focus on gymnastics to learn to use ‘Champion Gymnastics’ to move and balance and understand what it means to move and balance like a champion using narrow, wide and curled movements on the floor and on apparatus.
We will be learning about different places of worship and thinking about why places of worship are important.
We will continue our Jigsaw learning with the theme Dreams and Goals.  The children will think about building a Treasure Chest of Success with:

Steps to Goals

Achieving Together

Stretchy Learning

Overcoming Obstacles

Celebrating My Success

In our singing lessons we will introduce Opera as a style of music and learn new songs to perform.
We will continue to use ocarinas to play short tunes with one and two note combinations.
We will complete our learning about Place Value to 20 then Addition and Subtraction within 20 before moving on to Place Value within 50.
Throughout the Spring term we will learn about different animal groups, label the structure of different animals and identify and name common animals in each group. 
This half term we will look in detail at mammals, fish and birds.
Design Technology
This half term the children will learn how to make a moving story book linked to our focus text, Knuffle Bunny.
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We will focus on drawing during this half term by exploring lines and responding to ideas about what shapes lines can make.  The children will collect different line drawings around a theme and talk about which images they like.  We will look at the simple line drawings of Picasso and recreate ideas with different materials e.g. ribbons. 

We will be experimenting with different styles and thicknesses of lines and how lines and dots can be used to add texture.  The children will then use these techniques to create different line drawings of subjects seen, remembered or imagined.

Our key vocabulary will be pattern, thin, wavy, zigzag, straight.

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