Summer 2 2022

The children will focus on their developing phonic knowledge to read real and alien words using these sounds.  They will follow the Read Write Inc programme to read books in a group and develop their sentence writing by sequencing their ideas.
We will be learning to identify and name a variety of common plants, including garden plants, wild plants and trees, and those classified as deciduous and evergreen.

The children will identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers.

The children will focus on drawing, using dots and lines to show pattern and texture.  We will investigate different textures in our outdoor environment such as wood and rock, then explore how we can use dots and lines to represent these textures in our drawings.
This half term the children will participate in cricket lessons with Tom to develop their ball skills.
We will complete our Ocarina lessons this year by playing tunes with 3 notes and looking at musical notation.
This half term the children will enjoy a trip to Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens to recap our learning about different groups of animals and meet some animals up close in our animal experiences!
In Geometry the children will learn about position and direction then complete our number work with place value to 100.  We will finish our learning this year with measurement by looking at time and money.
The children will learn more about the history of Amble in living memory.  We will look at photographs and aerial images to find out more about how the town has changed in recent years.
We will learn our developing knowledge of continents and oceans then learn more about the continent of Africa by comparing our school with the Mgao school in Tanzania.
Our final topic this year will focus on friendships and stories about friends from different religions.  We will learn about:
  1. Who are my friends?
  2. How can I be a good friend?
  3. The Wind And The Moon (Buddhism)
  4. The Deer And The Crow (Hinduism)
  5. David And Jonathan (Christianity)
  6. Twelve Special Friends (Christianity)
This half term our topic is Changing Me which will include elements of Relationships and Sex Education (RHSE). Within this unit of work, the children will talk about how their body has changed since they were a baby and discuss the natural processes of growing from young to old. The children will recognise the physical differences between boys and girls and use the correct names for parts of the body.