Autumn 2 2022

We will be learning Set 2 phonic sounds and using these to read and spell words, through our Read Write Inc lessons.
The children will continue to focus on history in living memory, from 1940's to today.  We will be looking at clothes children have worn, how these have stayed the same or changed over the years.  The children will learn about clothes for school, home and special occasions such as Christmas Day.  You can help your child by looking back at family photos to see the clothes family members wore when they were children, or talking about clothes you wore.  If you have a copy of any photos you could send into school the Jellyfish class would love to see these too!
The children will learn about primary colours then mix these to create secondary colours and add these to a colour wheel.  We will study Mondrian to look at using primary colours then compare this with Damien Hirst spin paintings using primary and secondary colours.
The children will learn and perform songs in our weekly singing lessons.  We will continue to learn about pulse.  The children will sing and perform for our Christmas performances.
The children will continue with addition and subtraction to 10 before learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  Why not go on a shape hunt around your house to help your child name different 2D and 3D shapes.
This half term the children will learn to identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense.
We will use games, actions and songs to learn the names of the main body parts and use our senses to find out about our senses by comparing different textures, sights, tastes, sounds and smells.  You can help by talking with your child about their senses at home.
This half term the children will focus on locational knowledge.  The children will use maps and atlases to find and locate the world’s continents and oceans, looking at Europe, Africa and Antarctica and also the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 
As we study the UK, we will begin by asking questions to investigate London as the capital city of England.  We will use maps and aerial pictures to answer these questions. The children will recognise and name some key landmarks and physical features in London.  The children will compare this with Scotland and the capital city Edinburgh to find what is the same and what is different between these two cities.
In our Dance unit, the children will be learning to respond to rhythm and patterns through their movement.  They will learn how to control and co-ordinate their bodies to perform movements through the theme of 'growing'.
Design Technology
In preparation for our future DT projects the children will be introduced to different equipment and techniques such as stapling, cutting and folding.  We will practise using these skills to complete short tasks.
Our focus this half term is on Celebrating Differences.  We will think about how we are the same as, and different from, each other and learn about friendships.
The children will learn about gifts and giving, looking at different traditions and festivals from religions around the world.
This half term the children will being to learn early programming concepts. Thy will explore using individual commands, both with other children and as part of a computer program. They will identify what each floor robot command does and use that knowledge to start predicting the outcome of programs. The children will be using Beebot robots to support their learning.
ONLINE SAFETY - The children will be learning how to safely search for images online using  They will learn about filtering and monitoring systems that we have in school to protect them and what to do if they do come across something that worries or scares them online.