Autumn 1 2023

We will teach phonics every day this half term. This children might come home a chat about Monster Phonics and the different characters we use. This is a new phonics scheme we are using in school. keep your eyes peeled for more information about this at a Monster Phonics introduction meeting. 
Children will continue to come home with their reading book and yellow reading record book each day. They will have already read this book at school so it will be familiar to them. We expect children read this book 4 times per week at home to support fluency, confidence and reading with success. 
We have stickers and reading critters the children can achieve as they read regularly at home. 
Please sign/comment in the reading diary each time they have read so this can be logged each day.
We will read the story Rapunzel in class.  There are lots of different versions of this story but this one has a twist. We will take on the role of Rapunzel in role-play then write a diary entry about being trapped in the castle. We will compare different characters in the story and using describing words. 
We will think about the witches spell that is cast upon Rapunzel and use this to help us write our own spells/poems. 
The children will continue with our Jigsaw programme and meet Jigsaw Jack as they learn about 'Being Me in My World'.
We will begin with Place Value to read, write and count numbers 0-10, using your child's knowledge of numbers to 10 to introduce a range of new maths models and develop their recording skills.
The children will learn to find one more and one less and compare numbers using the language of greater than and fewer than using objects, pictures and number lines. 
Why not play this interactive game to order numbers up to 10:
We will begin by observing and describing seasonal changes as we move from Summer to Autumn and what signs we see when we look outside at the weather.
The children will find out about the different parts of a tree and name a range of fruits and vegetables.
Enquiry: How does the weather affect our lives?
We will look closely at different types of weather we have experienced before. We will make comparisons and explain how we might prepare for different weathers. Over a period of time we will observe the weather where we live and describe how it has changed. Using maps and globes we will identify the different continents around the world and study what the weather. We will compare  the hottest and coldest climates around the world. 
Enquiry: How do our favourite toys and games compare to those of children in the 1960's?
We will begin the term by looking at how we divide up time as historians. We will look at events over time sorting these into chronological order to create our own class timeline. We will find out about the most popular toys and games in the 1960's and compare these with toys and games we have today.  We will speak to people we know who can remember the toys these used to play with and ask them questions to find out what they were. 
At home: ask someone you know who was alive in the 1960's what their favourite toys were and how they were used.
The children will take part in weekly singing lessons and in our music lessons we will focus on pulse over this half term.
The children will develop their teamwork skills then focus on their balance, co-ordination and agility skills.