Spring 2 2023

The children will complete their learning of Set 3 sounds and build their confidence in using the phonic sounds they have been learning to read and spell words.
The children will continue to develop their reading skills using phonics.  They will also be using familiar rhymes and short stories to develop their understanding of story structure and begin to write sequences of sentences of their own.
We will continue to learn about changes in living memory by finding out about how children's TV programmes have changed in the last 80 years.  
RE - Easter and Surprises
Our learning this half term will focus on the Christian celebrations on Good Friday before looking in more detail at how and why Easter is celebrated.
With Jigsaw Jack we will be thinking about ' Heathy Me' as the children learn about making healthy choices, hygiene, medicine safety and road safety.
We will continue our learning of Place Value, moving on to numbers to 50 and counting in 2s and 5s.  We will look at length and height and then weight and measure.  You can help your child by supporting them to count in 2's to 24 and 5's to 60.
The children will continue to learn about animals, looking at amphibians and mammals as well as insects.  We will learn the names of common animals and draw and label the structure of different animals.
The children will learn about geographical features and find out about human and physical features in Amble.
Design Technology
The children will explore sliding mechanisms then making a moving storybook page using a slider.  You can help your child at home if you have books with moving parts by investigating how these work.
This half term the children will build on their previous dance skills to complete an animal themed dance.