Autumn 1 2021

Welcome to the Jellyfish class!
This half term we will be focusing on Traditional Tales as we follow Talk for Writing to become familiar with key stories and retell these.  Our stories are The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Enormous Turnip.  You can support your child by reading or retelling traditional tales and talking about the stories.
We will revisit Set 1 sounds the children are familiar with to read and write words and develop sentence writing.  The children will be introduced to the Letterjoin handwriting programme to form lowercase letters with end joins so that they become ready to progress to joined up writing later in Key Stage 1.  You can support your child by practising the correct letter shapes shown in the handwriting families below:
This half term the children will regularly practise 8 of the Year 1 Common Exception words that are provided in the back of their yellow reading records.  Why not see how many of these words you can find in the stories that you and your child read together.  The words for this half term are:
I     the     is     his     has     was     by     my
We will begin with Place Value to read, write and count numbers 0-10.  The children will learn to find one more and one less and compare numbers using the language of greater than and fewer than using objects, pictures and number lines.  Why not play this interactive game to order numbers up to 10:
We will then move on to learn about addition to 10 and recall number bonds to 10.  You can support your child with regular practise to remember their number bonds or join in with the number bond rap:
Number Bond Rap

0 + 10   A big fat hen

1 + 9     That’s just fine

2 + 8     Sit up straight

3 + 7     All the way to heaven

4 + 6     It’s a clever mix

5 + 5     Do the jive

6 + 4     Hit the floor

7 + 3     Pat your knee

8 + 2     Me and you

9 + 1     It’s great fun

10 + 0   I'm a number bond hero!

You can support your child by using Doodle Maths at home for a few minutes each day.
We will be looking at the weather and talking about seasonal changes from Summer to Autumn.  The children will find out about the different parts of a tree and name a range of fruits and vegetables.
We will begin to use fieldwork skills to map our school environment and find out about land use around school.  You can help your child by talking about what they can see around them in Amble like houses, shops, the beach and the pier.
Why not log on to Busy Things through your School360 account and play the games linked to our learning that are pinned to your home page or have fun with the Busy Things games and activities!
This half term the children will be thinking about their families and how they have changed over recent decades.  Talk to your child about when you, grandparents or other family members were young.  If you can, look at photos to show your child how everyday life such as holidays, celebrations, houses, cars, toys and clothes have changed in your family over the years.  Why not share a photo on Tapestry for the class to see.
Our focus this half term will be sculpture as the children study the work of Arcimboldo to create fruit and vegetable portraits of our own.  Why not talk to your child about the fruits and vegetables they eat and what facial features these could make.
Design Technology - Cooking and Nutrition
We will begin by finding out about fruits and vegetables and learning about healthy lifestyles.  The children will design, make and evaluate their own fruit kebabs to enjoy.
The children will take part in weekly singing lessons and be introduced to playing the ocarina.
The children will develop their teamwork skills then focus on their balance, co-ordination and agility skills.
We will be finding out caring for others.
The children will continue with our Jigsaw programme and meet Jigsaw Jack as they learn about 'Being Me in My World'.