Spring 1 2022

Y3 Sharks
Spring 1 2021/2022
This half term we will focus on the story 'Staying Out'. Through story mapping and oral retelling we will learn the story and identify the features needed to write our own suspense stories.  To help build your child's fluency and confidence in reading, please read with them at least 4 times a week using their scheme book or library book and sign their reading record.  Please also read at least one book per week on Oxford Reading Buddy and complete the related quiz.  We are aiming to score 80% or more on each quiz to progress through the program.  We continue to reward good reading habits with books and bookmarks.  Please also continue to practise your 30 half termly spellings on a regular basis as this has a huge impact on your child's independent writing.  
In Science this half term we will be learning about rocks, soils and fossils.  We will sort, classify and investigate a variety of rocks.  We will learn about sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and investigate their similarities and differences.  We will use scientific equipment to ask and answer questions about rocks, exploring their composition, hardness and permeability.  We will also be learning about how fossils are formed and about the life and work of Mary Anning who made important fossil discoveries.  Finally we will gain an understanding of what soils is and investigate different soil samples.
In Geography this half term we will be looking at land use in the UK.  We will begin by using google maps to zoom in on Amble town centre and consider the different landmarks and uses of land and how these are used by the community.  We will then go on to learn about how land is used in the UK, including different types of farming.
Design and Technology
In Design and Technology we will be exploring the power of pneumatics.  We will be carrying out simple experiments that show how air can be used to make things move.  We we be exploring how pneumatic systems work.  We will then go on to design and make our own moving monster toy based on our knowledge and understanding.
In P.E. this half term we will be exploring symmetry and asymmetry in Gymnastics.  We will be performing  sequences of movement on apparatus including symmetrical and asymmetrical balancing, travelling and linking movements.  We will be watching our partners' work and offering feedback on their performance.  We will also be going swimming.  P.E for Sharks will continue to be on a Friday afternoon and Swimming will be on a Wednesday afternoon.


Our French unit this half term will focus on saying, reading and writing the French words for fruits using the Language Angels program. You can log in to the pupil games area in Language Angels with the following details for more practise.
Username: links
Password: pupil
Our Jigsaw unit 'Dreams and Goals' encourages children to recognise our own personal challenges and those of others, and discuss ways in which these can be faced, tackled and overcome.
This half term we will learn about the Romans.  We will begin by looking at when and why they invaded Britain and place events on a timeline.  We will look further into the theme of 'invasion and conquest' by taking a more in depth look at what made the Roman army so successful.  Through the theme of 'monarchy and parliament' we will learn about who the main Roman Emperors were and how they were challenged, including Boudicca's revolt.  We will then learn about Roman civilisation including food, homes and towns.  Finally we will look at what the Romans did in their spare time, including examples of Roman Art.
We will be concentrating on mastering our 4 times table; saying it by rote and answering spot questions as well as knowing related division facts  We will be working on Multiplication and Division, Money and Statistics. You can keep your skills sharp by accessing Doodle Maths in your school360 for 10 minutes daily.
We will be learning the skills of how to show texture in our pencil drawings this half term.  We will apply these skills by observing and drawing rocks and beach objects.
This half term we will be learning about Islam including who founded the religion and where it was founded, it's main beliefs, special places and festivals and signs and symbols.
Click on the link below to learn about this half term's unit in Computing.