Autumn 2 2023 - 2024

Y3 Sharks
Autumn 2 2023/2024
This half term we will focus on the story 'How the Stars Came to Be'.  As part of this unit, we will learn how to write playscripts and our own 'pourquoi' stories.  The children are enjoying choosing a library book each week; library books chosen should be taken home each night and also kept on desks throughout the school day to promote wider reading for pleasure.  To help build your child's fluency and confidence in reading, please read with them at least 4 times a week using their scheme book or library book and sign their reading record.  We continue to reward good reading habits with books and bookmarks.  Please also continue to practise your 30 half termly spellings on a regular basis.
This half term we will be learning about forces.  We will be learning about how magnets react to each other and investigating which materials are attracted to a magnet.  We will also investigate whether the force of  magnetism can be blocked.  We will be learning about friction and testing out which surfaces create the most friction during our toy car experiment.
In Geography this half term we will be continuing to investigate how and why our local area is changing.  We will be using maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to take a closer look at different types of housing in Amble.
Design and Technology
In Design and Technology this half term we will be designing and making our own moon buggies using card and dowel. We will first test a range of wheeled vehicles down a ramp in order to pick out features we can use in our designs.  We will then learn to measure, mark, cut and join using tape measures, bench hooks, junior hack saws and glue guns to make our basic chassis.  We will consider what a toy moon buggy needs and make/ add features to our frame.  Finally we will test our buggies on different surfaces to see which designs work best.
In P.E. this half term we will be moving to music and planning our own 'wild animal' dances.
The focus of the learning is to respond to different stimuli being able to sustain characters to add drama and emotion to the dance.
In French this half term we will continue with our introductory unit, 'I'm Learning French'.  The children will consolidate their knowledge of numbers, colours and introducing themselves in French.
Our Jigsaw unit 'Celebrating Difference' encourages children to recognise, accept and value the many differences that make up our society.
We will continue to learn about how the lives of Ancient Britons changed during the Stone Age.  We will be learning how to use primary and secondary sources of evidence to learn about the past.  We will be focusing on what we can learn from ancient sites such as Stonehenge and Skara Brae as we practise being historians and archaeologists.
We will be concentrating on mastering our 5 times table; saying it by rote and answering spot questions as well as knowing related division facts  We will be working on addition and subtraction strategies using 3 digit numbers.  You can keep your skills sharp by accessing Doodle Maths for 10 minutes daily.
This half term we will be learning how to create a colour wheel and to select and mix complementary colours to create effects in our painting. 
We will be continuing with our weekly singing lessons with Miss Midgley and the Year Fours.  We will continue to develop our confidence and enjoyment through learning new notes and songs on the ocarina.
This half term we will be focusing on  Christianity.  We will be discovering why Christmas is important to Christians and re-telling the Nativity story on our 3D Christmas cards.

The children will use a range of techniques to create a stop-frame animation using tablets. Next, they will apply those skills to create a story-based animation. Finally we will be learning to add other types of media to the animation, such as music and text.

ONLINE SAFETY: The children will be learning the importance of creating and using strong passwords and thinking about how to use privacy settings to help keep them safe online.