Summer 2 2022

Year 3 Sharks
Summer Term 2 2022
This page contains information for parents about how they can support their child's learning this half term.
This half term we will be continuing to learn about how the Romans impacted the North East, focusing on Hadrian's Wall.  We will use maps to locate Hadrian's Wall in relation to places we know.  We will look at why and how it was built and take a closer look at how the soldiers lived and worked on it.  We will also look at sources of evidence from the wall and make a first hand site visit to deepen our knowledge and understanding.
In Geography this half term we will be continuing our comparison of England and Itlay using a range of sources including atlases, globes and google maps to identify the key physical and human features of both countries. Based on our knowledge of the location, climate and physical features of England and Italy, we will decide where we would rather live.
In our 'Changing Me' unit, we will be learning about how the babies of animals and humans grow and change.  We will be discussing the next stages of our growth and development as well as thinking about our aspirations for the future.
Design and Technology
We will be learning about how catapults work before making and testing our own catapults.  We will then work in groups to design and make a competitive game for use with our catapults.
This half term we will focus on the short story 'The Stone Trolls'.  Through story mapping and oral retelling we will learn the story and identify the features needed to write our own story openings and endings.  To help build your child's fluency and confidence in reading, please read with them at least 4 times a week using their scheme book or library book and sign their reading record.  Please also continue to read and complete the quizzes using Reading Buddy on a regular basis.  We continue to reward good reading habits with books and bookmarks.  Please also continue to practise your 30 half termly spellings.
We will be concentrating on mastering our 4 and 8 times tables; saying them by rote and answering spot questions as well as knowing related division facts. We will be developing our understanding of time, telling the time to five minute intervals.  You can help your child by supporting them to access Doodle Maths for 10 minutes daily and by practising telling the time using an analogue clock.
We will be re-visiting the drawing skills we learned in Spring 1; using hatching and cross hatching to show tone and texture and using shading/ varying pressure to show tone. We will apply these skills to make observational plant drawings and to create our own garden drawing.  We will be looking at the work of botanical artists Beatrix Potter and Margaret Flockton.
We will be suggesting ways of answering the question 'Do plants need light in order to grow?'  We will be finding out the answer through scientific enquiry, making careful observations and measurements of our results.  We will be learning about the life cycle of flowering plants.  We will also be thinking about the function of the different parts of a flowering plant and setting up an experiment to observe how water is transported in plants.
This half term we will be focusing on the religion of Judaism.  We will be learning about who founded Judaism and where it was founded.  We will be taking a closer look at the main beliefs, special places and festivals of Judaism.
Swimming will continue on a Wednesday afternoon and P.E. on a Friday afternoon.  We will be playing cricket in Games and developing our running in Athletics.
In our French unit 'les glaces', we will be learning words and phrases associated with ordering ice-creams.