History Overview


Our History Co-ordinator is Mrs Julie Kelly

The purpose of History in the national Curriculum is to encourage children to gain knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We aim to inspire their curiosity to find out about the past and teach them the necessary skills to find and evaluate evidence to answer their questions. This will lead to them to begin making connections and comparisons between events they know about and life in modern times. We place a strong emphasis on learning key subject and topic based vocabulary. To support the children to build their knowledge and apply that knowledge as skills we use the following categories:

  • To investigate and interpret the past
  • To understand Chronology
  • To build an overview of world history
  • To communicate historically

At Amble Links First School History is taught weekly to provide the children with the skills to remember and apply their previous knowledge. 

Year 1 focuses on the theme 'Changes Within Living Memory' and this feeds through topics like: Me and My Family, TV and Technology and Amble.

Year 2 focuses on the themes, 'Events beyond Living Memory', 'The Lives of Significant Others' and 'Significant Historical Events in our own Locality'. 

Key Stage 2 focuses on the themes of 'Invasion and Conquest', 'Monarchy and Parliament', 'Food and Farming', 'Houses and Homes' and 'Art and Culture'. Through learning about The Stone Age, The Romans and Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the children will be able to follow the themes through history.

Click here to view the full National Curriculum Programme of Study that we follow for History.

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