Spring 1 2022

Personal and Social Development
January brings new \seahorses.  Our oldest children will be role models, showing the younger Seahorses the ropes!  This is a great opportunity for the to show how responsible they can be and how much they know about being a Super Seahorse at Amble Links.  
The children will continue to interact with existing friends as well as making new ones, using talk to communicate with adults and children.
We will be building on the learning we did during the Autumn term when we focused on 1,2,3 - counting and recognising this amount.  This half term we will work up to number 5, counting and subitising and showing quantities on our fingers.  We will continue to learn rhymes to help us to write each number, forming them correctly.  In problem solving we will be comparing quantities and sequencing simple routines such as 'getting ready for school' or bedtime.
Have a look at some of the maths games using the link below;
This half term the older Seahorses will be starting their phonics.  Each week the children will be introduced to a new sound and will learn to recognise, say and write the sound.  They will also do some activities linked to the letter to embed their learning.  Alongside this, we will also be working on Listening and Attention / Phonetical Awareness games to develop comprehension.  Understanding which is the 'odd one out' will be one of the games, why not have a go at this online version.  Talk to your child about the various objects, naming each item and see if they can say which is the odd one out.
Understanding the World
This half term our 'Growing' topic will get the children thinking about what things grow, why they grow and what happens as things grow.  We will be learning about animals and their babies, naming and matching animals to their young. The children will learn about the environment they live in and how they can care about where they live. We will learn about life cycles of animals using stories such as ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ 
Our ‘Wonderful Weather’ topic has been very popular so we will continue to talk about and monitor the weather as we move through the seasons.