Year 1 Spring 1

Year 1 Spring 1 – Programming A – Moving a robot

This unit introduces the children to early programming concepts. Learners will explore using individual commands, both with other children and as part of a computer program. They will identify what each floor robot command does and use that knowledge to start predicting the outcome of programs. The unit  ensures time is spent on all aspects of programming and builds knowledge in a structured manner. Children are also introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.


Online Safety

The children will learn to use technology safely and respectfully in the context of learning about the SMART rules for Internet safety.
They will begin to understand how to communicate safely online.

Useful Vocabulary
forwards - move towards the direction you are facing
backwards - move away from the direction you are facing
Left turn - Turn 90 degrees anticlockwise
Right Turn - Turn 90 degrees clockwise
clear - clear all instructions from memory
go - execute a set of commands
commands - instructions
algorithm - a precise list of instructions
program - a list of instructions to tell a computer what to do
Lesson Links
Lesson 2 - Directions - Humans following instructions
Lesson 3 - Forwards and Backwards - Introducing a Beebot
Lesson 4 - Four Directions - 
Lesson 5 - Getting There - BBC - What are computer bugs?
Lesson 6 - Routes - BBC - What is an algorithm?