Year 4 Spring 1

Year 4 Spring 1 - Programming A  Repetition in Shapes.
This unit introduces children to programming in Logo. Logo is a text-based programming language where the children type commands that are then drawn on screen.  They will learn basic Logo commands, and will use their knowledge of these commands to read and write code. They will learn aboutrepetition and loops within programming. The children will create programs by planning, modifying, and testing commands to create shapes and patterns.
Online Safety
The children will learn how to use technology safely, respectfullyand responsibly; recognise acceptable/
unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact in the context of finding out aboutonline plagiarism.
Useful Vocabulary
Program - a list of instructions that tells a computer exactly what to do.
Turtle - An arrow or turtle image on screen that draws a line as it is programmed.
Commands - Clear instructions
Code Snippet - this could be the same as a program; it can have several sets of commands in one program.
Repetition - Doing the same instruiction more than once
Debug - Find and fix mistakes in a computer program.
Lesson Links
The children will be able to access programs to support their use of Logo Progrmaming through School360.
- Purple Mash:  2 Logo
-J2E: J2Code
They can also download a free program MSW Logo HERE which works on the same principles.
This BBC Bitesize page explains more about Logo Programming.
VIDEO - Basic Logo commands
VIDEO - Using the repeat command in logo.