Spring 2 2023

Y4 Penguins
Spring 2 2023
We will begin this half term by independently writing our own warning tale, using tools from the toolkits we produced last half term focusing on openings, setting description and dialogue. 
We will then focus on discussion texts, using the model text 'Should children do housework?' to learn the language and structure for this type of text. We will then apply what we have learned in our independent writing. 
This half term we will find out  about why rivers are so important to the towns and villages that have developed on their banks. By looking at the features of rivers and the natural and human ways that rivers change over time, the children will explore the life stories of rivers. They will learn the names and locations of major rivers of the UK and the world. They will describe and understand key aspects of the water cycle.
This half term we will continue our learning about the Vikings by looking at Viking life. We will explore food and farming; houses and homes; and art and culture. Click on the link to find out what life was like in Viking Britain 
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We will use our learning from last half term about perspective to create our own drawings of streets, showing how they disappear into the distance.
Language angels - Les Saisons
In this unit the children will;
Recognise, recall and remember the four seasons in French.
Recognise, recall and remember a short phrase for each season in French.
Say which season is their favourite in French and attempt to say why using the conjunctions ‘et’ and ‘car’.
Click on the link and login to pupil games to practice your French
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Password: pupil
 This half term we will create a dance that includes contrasting characters using more complex interacting movements and actions to add drama and emotion to our performances.
We will continue our learning on multiplication and division, learning written methods to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers. In Measurement we will be learning about length and perimeter. Click on the video below to get an introduction to what perimeter is.
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We will continue our learning on States of Matter this half term by learning about how materials change state through evaporation and condensation. We will learn how this applies to the water cycle. Click on the video below 'How does rain form and what is the water cycle?'
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Design and Technology
Having researched torches last half term, exploring their uses and learning about their components, we created our own designs for our chosen client. This half term we will make and evaluate our torches.
Our focus this half term is Christianity. The children will find out where Christianity originated, about special places linked to Christianity and about key festivals in Christian life.
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Jigsaw - Healthy Me
This half term we will learn about healthier friendships, group dynamics, smoking, alcohol, assertiveness and peer pressure. We will end our learning by celebrating our inner strength.
This half term, we will continue with singing lessons from an external teacher, building on the skills we developed during last half term. We will continue developing our skills on the ocarina, learning new notes and playing a wider variety of tunes.