Spring 1 2022

Y4 Penguins
Spring 1 2022
This half term we will be developing our story writing by writing a warning tale. We will use the story 'The Caravan' by Pie Corbett to learn about the language and structure that makes a good story and then write our own warning tale. We will be focusing on developing our story openings and endings to make our stories interesting for the reader. We will also be looking at using dialogue in our stories and how to punctuate this correctly. Watch the following video clip to learn about punctuating speech.
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This half term we will learn about the raids and invasions by Vikings in Anglo-Saxon Britain. We will learn who the Vikings were as well as when and where they raided and settled. We will learn about who ruled during the Viking Age and examine their influence and significance in British history. 
Visit BBC Bitesize to find out more.
Through our work on Human Geography, we will find out how the towns and cities of the UK first developed. We will learn about the needs and requirements early settlers had when choosing a place to build a home. Through the use of maps children will investigate land use in different sized settlements and the ways in which settlements are linked. Find out more by clicking on the following link https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zx72pv4/articles/zrbvjhv     
This half term we will focus on perspective in our drawing. We will learn what is perspective and why do artists use it. We will learn how to draw perspective using one vanishing point to add depth to our drawings. We will look at paintings and drawings by L S Lowery and consider how he has used perspective in his work. We will create our own drawings applying what we have learned.
Watch the video below to find out about one point perspective.
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Jigsaw - Dreams and Goals
This half term we will share our hopes and dreams and understand that they sometimes do not come true. We will reflect on positive and happy experiences and consider how they help counteract disappointment. We will set new goals and learn how to work out the steps to take to achieve them.
In Gymnastics this half term we will learn to move and balance to create bridges on the floor and apparatus. We will perform a sequence with a partner using pair and individual bridges.
We will begin this half term with Measurement, learning about length & perimeter. We will begin by learning about equivalent lengths and then learn how to measure the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes.
We will move onto Multiplication & Division, looking at factor pairs, efficient multiplication and written methods to multiply and divide 3-digit numbers.
We will be having a strong focus on recalling multiplication and division facts for tables up to 12 x 12. Hit the Button is a fun way to increase the speed and accuracy of your recall of multiplication/division facts.
Science - States of Matter
We will be learning about the states of matter of everyday objects and exploring what happens when materials are heated up and cooled down. Learn the song below to further your understanding of solids, liquids and gases.
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Through our work on electrical systems we will revisit static electricity and our scientific understanding of positive and negative charges. The children will observe the effects of static electricity on objects such as plastic straws, tissue paper and glitter. They will then consider ways of using static electricity as part of a simple game that they will make.
Use these video links to see what we will be doing 
Children will learn about the lives of people of faith from different religions. They will identity key events in their lives, how their faith and beliefs have influenced them to overcome challenging circumstances, and how it has inspired their lives and work. They will compare and contrast these experiences throughout the unit. Children will explore their stories before examining the role of beliefs and/or faith in their own lives.
Language angels - Chez Moi
This half term pupils will focus on learning to say where their house is and naming the rooms in their house. 
Click on the link and login to pupil games to practice your French
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This half term, we will continue with singing lessons from an external teacher, building on the skills we developed during the Autumn term. We will continue developing our skills on the ocarina, learning new notes and playing a wider variety of tunes.
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