Autumn 2 2022

Year 4 Penguins
Autumn 2 2022
This half term our focus is on non-chronological reports, focusing on organising information into paragraphs. We will use the text 'Unicorns' by Pie Corbett to learn the structure and vocabulary needed and apply this in our own writing.
In poetry we will explore and develop our use of a variety of language features such as alliteration and personification using the poem 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. We will use the structure of the model poem to create our own verses. Click here to listen to Kit Wright reading his poem.
This half term we will be learning about electricity. We will construct simple circuits, identifying & naming the basic parts.  We will investigate materials to find conductors and insulators. Click on the following link to learn more in preparation for our lessons: 
If you want to learn more about how electricity is generated and how it reaches our homes, click on the video below.
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Locational Knowledge
This half term we will look at the UK, from the physical features of mountains, rives & seas to the man-made administrative regions and counties
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Art - Painting
We will learn about the life of Henri Rousseau and explore the features of his paintings.  We will use the colour wheel to identify primary, secondary and tertiary colours and explore complementary and contrasting colours to use in our paintings. We will mix our own colours and use a number of painting techniques with a variety of brushes to complete our painting.
This half term, we will continue with singing lessons from an external teacher, building on the skills we developed last half term. We will also be learning new notes on the Ocarina and playing simple tunes.
This half term we will improvise movements using cat characters as a stimulus to perform with drama and emotion. We will perform in a group using dance techniques e.g. unison, matching, canon, contrast, interaction, stage presence, timing and rhythm.
Outdoor and Adventurous
This half term we will take part in our residential visit to Robinwood. We will be involved in a great variety of activities including canoeing, climbing wall, caving and archery. We will also be involved in many team building tasks including Dragon's Quest, the Nightline, the Crate challenge and the dreaded Piranha pool! 
This half term we will continue our work on addition & subtraction, using 4-digit numbers and learn about length and perimeter. Click on the video below for a quick introduction to perimeter.
Remember to log on to DoodleMaths every day to consolidate your skills and collect your stars. Use the app or login online using this link DoodleMaths
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Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots
We will continue our learning this half term learning about Anglo-Saxon kings; food and farming; houses and homes and art and culture
Click on the picture below to find out more
This half term we will be working in groups to adapt a simple biscuit recipe, to create the tastiest biscuit. While making, we will ensure that our creation comes within the given budget of overheads and costs of ingredients.
Click on the link for the recipe we will be using
The Bible
We will look at the Bible in Christianity, its origins, its role as a sacred religious text and how it is used by Christians around the world. We will consider the authorship of the Bible, discussing the Christian belief that it is the Word of God whilst finding out about different writers of books in the Bible. We will apply our learning to consider an item or book that is sacred to us and reflect on how respect can be shown to things that are sacred to others.
Jigsaw - Celebrating Differences
This half term we will learn to understand that sometimes we make assumptions based on what people look like and what influences us to make these assumptions. We will learn to know that sometimes bullying is hard to spot and learn what to do if we think it is going on but are not sure. We will learn why witnesses sometimes join in with bullying and sometimes don’t tell. We will learn what is special about us and learn to value the ways in which we are unique.
Language angels - Les Animaux
This half term we will learn how to recognise, recall, and spell up to ten animals in French with their correct indefinite article/determiner.
Click on the link and login to pupil games to practice your French
Username: links
Password: pupil
This unit is the first of the two programming units in Year 4, and looks at repetition and loops within programming. The children will create programs by planning, modifying, and testing commands to create shapes and patterns. They will use Logo, a text-based programming language. The children can access Logo through School360.
ONLINE SAFETY: The children will be learning to use technology safely, respectfullyand responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact in the context of finding out about online plagiarism.