Spring 2 2024

Y4 Penguins
Spring 2 2024
Our work this half term will focus on the text Stars with Flaming Tails by Valerie Bloom. We will begin by looking at the purpose of poetry. Children will have the opportunity to listen to, respond to and perform a range of poems from the collection to make connections with the poems, their meanings and the types of poetry contained within the collection. Pupils will then explore a range of different poetic forms and devices, focusing on how these are chosen and used to suit the subject of the poem and for effect on a reader. They will explore how poetry can be used to describe personal experience and evoke an emotional response in a reader. Pupils will have the opportunity to use their knowledge to write their own poems.
Enquiry: Why do so many people in the world live in megacities?
This enquiry supports pupils to develop their understanding of the important geographical concepts of settlement and urbanisation. Pupils will explore some of the economic and social reasons why the populations of cities increase.
As an introduction to our work, click on the link to watch a video showing the features of different types of settlements and how places are interconnected.
Click on the following link to see Kei and Louis show us their lives living in the cities of Tokyo and London 
Enquiry: Who were the Anglo-Saxons and how do we know what was important to them?
Through this enquiry we will look at why the Romans left Britain; why the Anglo-Saxons didn't choose to live in the towns the Romans left behind; how converting to Christianity changed the lives of the people in Britain and what Sutton Hoo tells us about the Anglo-Saxon world.
Click on the link to find out the Anglo-Saxons and help your child prepare for their learning.
This term we will continue our work on sculpture. The pupils will be introduced to Alberto Giacometti and the techniques he used to create his sculptures. Posing as warriors, we will take photos of our shadows, draw the outline and use stick figure drawings to create a wire frame for our own clay sculptures.
Language angels - Les Legumes
In this unit the children will;
Name and recognise up to 10 vegetables in French.
Attempt to spell some of these nouns (including the correct determiner/article).
Learn simple vocabulary to facilitate a role play about buying vegetables from a market stall.
Say if they would like one kilo or a half kilo of a particular vegetable or selection of vegetables.
Click on the link and login to pupil games to practice your French
Username: links
Password: pupil
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 In Measurement we will be learning about length and perimeter. Click on the video above to get an introduction to what perimeter is. 
We will then focus on fractions. We will learn about equivalent fractions; counting in fractions; adding and subtracting fractions and calculating fractions of a quantity. Click on the video link below to prepare yourself for our lessons. We will then move onto decimal fractions learning about tenths and hundredths as decimals and how to write decimals on a place value grid.
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We will continue our learning on States of Matter this half term by learning about how materials change state through evaporation and condensation. We will learn how this applies to the water cycle. Click on the video below 'How does rain form and what is the water cycle?'
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Why do Christians call the day that Jesus dies 'Good Friday'?
Pupils will learn about how the Christian Salvation story fits into the big story of the Bible. They will find out about the main events of holy week and offer suggestions about how people at the time might have felt and responded to these key events. Pupils will study texts from the Bible that retell the key events of holy week and suggest what these mean for Christians today. They will find out about how Christians today remember, celebrate and respond to the events of holy week and Easter. They will begin to make links between some of these events and life in the world today, suggesting why some Christians live their lives in the way they do. 
Watch the video below to recap the Easter Story
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Jigsaw - Healthy Me
This half term we will learn about healthier friendships, group dynamics, smoking, alcohol, assertiveness and peer pressure. We will end our learning by celebrating our inner strength.
This half term, we will continue with singing lessons from an external teacher, building on the skills we developed during last half term. We will continue developing our skills on the ocarina, learning new notes and playing a wider variety of tunes.
 This half term we will create a dance that includes contrasting characters using more complex interacting movements and actions to add drama and emotion to our performances.