Year 4 Autumn 2

Year 4 Autumn 2 – Audio Editing

The children will initially examine devices capable of recording digital audio, which will include identifying the input device (microphone) and output devices (speaker or headphones) if available. They will discuss the ownership of digital audio and the copyright implications of duplicating the work of others. In order to record audio themselves, children will use Audacity to produce a podcast, which will include editing their work, adding multiple tracks, and opening and saving the audio files. Finally, they will evaluate their work and give feedback to their peers.


Online Safety

The children will be learning to use search technologies effectively, appreciate how results are selected and ranked, and be discerning in evaluating digital content in the context of using search engines accurately.

Useful Vocabulary
Audio - something to do with, or using, sound
Record - to copy or save to use later (eg you can record something in writing or in sound)
Playback - playing something that has previously been recorded
Microphone - An input device that turns sound into an electrical signal.
Speaker - An output device that turns electrical signal into sound.
Headphones - An output device that can be worn over the ears allowing you to hear sounds. Like speakers on your ears!
Input-  Information given TO a computer system through an INPUT DEVICE like a mouse, keyboard, camera, microphone etc
Output - Information produced BY a computer system for its user and given on an OUTPUT DEVICE like a screen, speaker, printer.
Pause - to stop something for a short time.  You might pause playing a song so you can talk about it before restarting it.
Podcast - a way of sharing information through audio (sound) files that have been recorded)
Audio Mixing - Mixing several sounds together
Export - The opposite of import. Taking a file from one program to use in another.
MP3 - A type of computer file for that is good for saving sounds.
Lesson Links
Online Safety
Lesson 1 - Digital Recording
Lesson 2 - Recording Sound
Lesson 3 - Creating a Podcast
Lesson 4 - Editing Digital Recordings
Lesson 5 -Combining Audio
Lesson 6 - Evaluating Podcasts