Curriculum Overview

Our Geography Co-ordinator is Mrs Emma Oliver

The children know that in Geography they learn about the world around us and study the earth, land and people.

The purpose of Geography in the National Curriculum is to inspire curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. The curriculum aims to ensure that pupils develop knowledge of location of globally significant places and understand the processes that give rise to physical and human geographical features.  The curriculum aims for pupils to become competent at collecting, analysing and communicating data, interpret a range of sources of information including through the use of maps.


At Amble Links First School Geography is an integral part of our topic based approach to delivering the curriculum and will be taught at appropriate points of the year with strong links to other subjects. Some topics we teach such as ‘Misty Mountain, Winding River’ in Year 4 and ‘Coastline’ in Year 2 are Geography focused topics although many aspects of geography will also be taught through other topics such as the Year 3 ‘Rotten Romans’ topic.


Curriculum Intent

Through the delivery of Geography we encourage the children to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its diversities through physical and human processes. They will begin to understand relationships between these physical and human processes and how these affect environments and societies.  The early focus of our teaching will develop locational knowledge and geographical skills that will form the foundations of this understanding. We place a strong emphasis on learning key subject and topic based vocabulary. To support pupils to build their knowledge and apply that knowledge as skills we use the ‘Essentials Milestones’.
  • To investigate places

  • To investigate patterns

  • To communicate geographically