Turtles Summer 1 2024

Come Outside
This half term we will be basing our learning on all things in the great outdoors. We will learn about the changing seasons, life cycles of plants and animals and what we can do to care for living things in our environment. 
Our theme in Jigsaw this half term is 'Relationships' our learning will be based upon all  of the different kinds of relationships we have an with who. We will be learning about the different relationships which form our families and how all families are different. We will be talking about how to be a good friend and what to do when friends fall out. We will also be learning about bullying and how we can deal with bullying and ask for help. 
Week 1-Family life
Week 2-Friendships
Week 3- Breaking friendships
Week 4- Falling out
Week 5- Dealing with bullying
Week 6- Being a good friend
Physical Development
We will be taking every opportunity to get outside and get busy in our garden. We still have some tidying to do after the winter. Mrs Graham is our keen gardener and she is always looking for helping hands to support her with the digging and planting. We will be learning all about our bodies and what we need for them to work at their best and keep them healthy.
In the Turtles we will be continuing to complete physical activities such as Stormbreak and Jump Start Johnny, all of which help to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Why not watch the video below and see if you can give it a go at home too. 
We have seen huge improvements in the children's fine motor skills in particular their drawing and the details included in their drawings, our daily Drawing Club sessions have really helped with this. An area that many of the children still need to work on is letter formation and ensuring that we are forming our letters correctly. Monster Phonics have a new information sheet which we will send home to support with writing and forming letters at home. 
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In Monster Phonics we have already introduced many new sounds (some of them very tricky including ear and ure) and we are amazed by how well many of the children are able to use these when blending and segmenting words. We will continue to build on our reading skills through our guided reading sessions in school then bringing the book home to practice too! It is important that we teach the children to think about what they have read and what it means, this can sometimes be a bit tricky especially when the children are working so hard to decode the words. Practice re reading the full sentences back to your child and encouraging them to do the same, this will help them with their comprehension skills. This is why it is important that the children read their reading books at home a couple of times. Don't forget to read 4 or more times at home to earn your star, remember 10 stars and you get a treat from the 'Dippy Box'.
We will read some key texts this half term including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Jack and the Beanstalk and Fran's Flower we will be linking lots of our writing tasks to these texts as well as reading range of information texts about Spring, growing and lifecycles. 
We will be continuing our work all about numbers to 10. Through looking at the numbers and what each number is made up of we will be doing lots of comparison work for example the children will know facts such as '6 is one more than 5 but is less than 7', '3 and 3 make 6' 4 and 2 is 6.' The Turtles absolutely love Numberblocks and we regularly used these to support our understanding of number. We work practically and spend lots of time comparing numbers and finding different ways of making numbers by combining 2 or more groups. 
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Understanding the World
With Spring finally having sprung we will use this as a stimulus for our learning. By getting outside we will be learning about seasonal changes and looking for signs of Spring such as flowers, weather and changes in our environment. We will be learning about how we can care for living things such as plans and insects and also exploring some simple life cycles. As part of our work on Healthy Eating we will be exploring a range of fruit and vegetables and also having a go at growing some of our own from the seeds we find inside fruits. Why not have a go at doing this at home too- chillis, peppers, butter nut squash and tomatoes are all worth a try- or for a simpler option why not go simple and have a go at growing some cress!
Expressive Art and Design
We will be trying hard to develop our drawing skills and exploring shape and line by completing some observational drawings of some spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips. As part of our learning about the outdoors we will look at creating some scarecrows to help protect our plans and vegetables that we will be trying to grow in the garden.