Turtles Autumn 2 2022

Terrific Tales
Communication and Language
This half term is all about stories! We will be developing our skills in story telling and learning all about how language plays an important part in story telling. We will be learning how to retell stories in our own words- why not try this at home? Choose a story that your child is familiar with and ask them to tell you a bed time story. Encourage them to use any repetitive language from the story. We will be using stories as a way of introducing the children to new vocabulary this will include vocabulary from particular stories but also we will be introducing vocabulary such as;
  • author
  • title
  • story
  • fiction
  • information
  • character
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
In our Jigsaw sessions this half term we will be working with Jenie to learn about Celebrating Difference. As part of this we will be building on or 'It's OK' learning from before the holidays and discussing families, homes and houses and differences between each other. The children have really enjoyed our Jigsaw sessions so far and often refer to the work they have done with Jenie in our day to day routines. You can share the 'It's Ok to be different' book with your child at home and talk about differences between them, family members and friends. 
We will be sharing many stories including The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Man and The Jolly Postman, as well as some tales from the past including the story of Guy Fawkes. Why not choose one of the stories below with your child and see if they can retell the story in their own words. 
We will be continuing with our daily Read Write Inc sessions where we will continue to introduce Set 1 sounds and use these to help develop our blending and segmenting skills to help with our reading and writing. Watch out for Green words which will be coming home to practice very soon! Watch the video on Tapestry which will model how you can best support your child at home.
Regular reading at home will really support your child in their understanding of stories. Don't forget that Tommy Turtle will be heading home with the children as a reward if they complete their 4 reads at home each week.
In the build up to Christmas we will be  developing our writing skills by writing lists and letters to Father Christmas. 
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This half term we will be continuing to work on subitising (knowing how many are in a set without counting them) as well as comparing numbers and sets. We will be working with numbers up to 10 and looking for numerical patterns. We will be solving simple problems on a day to day basis and using what we know to find out more. We will be using Numberblocks as a resource for delivering our maths.  
As well as our number work we will also be learning about positional language through or play and focsing on recognising and naming 2D shapes. Why not watch the 2D shape song below with your child and then have a shape hunt at home.
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Understanding the World
This half term is filled with lots of festivals and celebrations and these will form the basis of lots of our learning. We will be learning about Guy Fawkes and how he was a person from the past but yet we still know his story now. Remembrance Day will also give us an opportunity to talk about how things in the past shape the world that we live in now. Why not watch the video below with your child and talk about why Remembrance Day is so important for so many people. Maybe you have someone in your family who can talk to your child about what it was like to be alive during war time. Christmas is very soon going to be upon us and this is a great opportunity for the children to talk about their own experiences of Christmas and compare or family traditions to those of our friends. We may not all celebrate Christmas in the same way but that is ok!
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Expressive Art and Design
We will be retelling stories through a range of activities including role play, small world puppets and creating story maps. As part of our work linked to Rememberance Day, Bonfire Night and Christmas we will have an opportunity to listen to lots of different styles of music. We will ask the children to think about how that music makes the children feel and try to explain why. You could do this at home too, maybe play a favourite song or piece of music to your child and talk to them about how it makes you feel and why you like it. One of my favourite pieces of music is from The Snowman, listen below and ask your child how it makes them feel to make it more of a challenge listen to the music without watching the video! We will be exploring lots of different tools and materials in our creative work and thinking especially about how tools can create different effects. Watch out for our exciting firework paintings and Christmas Crafts.
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