Turtles Spring 2 2024

Blast Off
Understanding the world.
This half term we will be focusing our learning around the theme of Space travel. We will be learning more about the world we live in and in particular thinking about places in the world we would like to visit and the different ways which we might travel there. We will be learning about how transport and vehicles have changed over the years and how technology has played an important part in this. We will also be finding out about key people from the past such as Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. 
How you can help talk to the children about places of interest they have been- this could be on holiday, visiting family or days out. Think about how you got there and if there were any other ways you could have travelled. If you have any photographs we would love to see these on Tapestry too!
Across Early Years, all children have access to a maths rich environment both indoors and outdoors. Opportunities for problem solving are addressed in our day-to-day routines. In Reception, children are following NCETM Mastering Number approach and are having daily short sessions as well as accessing a many maths activities and opportunities within the classroom.  As well as accessing a range of different maths resources the children will be regularly using Numberblocks as a resource to support their understanding of number and numerical patterns.


Week 1– Composition

Week 2 – Counting, ordinality, cardinality

Week 3 -Comparison

Week 4 –  Comparison

Week 5 - 3D Shapes/ Capacity


How you can help at home why not try some capacity work at home and think about full and empty. Bath time or a sunny day in the paddling pool would be great for this. Use a range of different containers and experiment with which one will hold the most liquid- make predictions and see if you are correct!


Our theme in Jigsaw this half term is 'Healthy Me' our learning will be based upon all the things we need to do to have healthy minds and bodies. We will be learning about heathy eating, exercise, keeping clean, the importance of sleep and also touch on keeping safe and stranger danger. Jigsaw Jenie will help us to think about what we can do to make sure we all live healthy lives. We will also be learning about the importance of brushing our teeth and good oral hygiene. Our school nurse Jane will spend some time with us talking about how to look after our teeth. You can help at home support your child to brush their teeth twice daily at home and talk to them about why this is important for them to have healthy strong teeth. Have a go at playing this online game about brushing your teeth too. 
In Monster Phonics  we will soon be continuing to learn new sounds through the Monsters and will be able to use when blending and segmenting words. We will focus on learning even more High Frequency words to help support our reading skills. Many of the children are now well in the swing of guided reading where we are reading a text throughout the week to become familiar with it before sending it home for you to practice at home.  It is important that we teach the children to think about what they have read and what it means, this can sometimes be a bit tricky especially when the children are working so hard to decode the words. Practice re reading the full sentences back to your child and encouraging them to do the same, this will help them with their comprehension skills. This is why it is important that the children read their reading books at home a couple of times.
Some key texts we will be using to support our learning will be Whatever Next,  Bob, the man on the Moon, and How to Catch a Star (as well as a range of information texts too.) Why not share these stories with your child at home. Watch the videos below if you do not have a copy of the texts. Don't forget you could also visit the  Library in Amble and become members so you can access a wide range of books at home too.
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Physical Development
We will be taking every opportunity to get outside and get busy in our garden. We still have some tidying to do after all the winter season. Mrs Graham is our keen gardener and she is always looking for helping hands to support her with the digging and planting. We will be learning all about our bodies and what we need for them to work at their best and keep them healthy. 
Expressive Art and Design
This half term we will be creating our own space inspired models. Through this work we will be learning how to join and attach different materials. The children will plan and design their models and think about what resources they might choose to use. Please send in any interesting 'junk' that you may be able to collect at home which will help us to create our rockets. We will be putting our creative ideas into practice to try and find a way of catching a star!