Turtles Spring 1 2022

Amazing Animals
This half term a stimulus for our learning will be animals. We will be learning about animals that are local to us including our pets but also about animals who live in different habitats around the world.
Communication and Language and Literacy
As usual stories will play a huge part in our learning. We will be learning all about how questions are important and how by asking the right questions we can find out lots of important information. We will focus on how and why questions. This could include questions which we would like to find out about animals such as why do some animals hibernate? Why do elephants not live in Amble? How do animals find food? You can help by spending some time with your child thinking about what they would like to know and find out- encourage them to use how and why when asking a question. Why not make a video of them asking their question and share it on Tapestry and together we can try and find out the answer.
We will be sharing a number of key texts to support our learning including a range of information texts about animals. A selection of the stories which we may look at include The Emperors Egg and Handas Surprise. Click on the links to share these stories online with your child, you could talk to them about how the stories are set in very different places and discuss the different animals and habitats.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Jigsaw
Jenie will be introducing our next Jigsaw Puzzle which is Dreams and Goals. Through this work we will be learning about challenges, setting goals, showing determination and resilience and also celebrating successes no matter how small. As always our 3R's will continue to play a large role in our classroom and we will be making strong links to these through our learning especially Resilient Robot this half term. You can help at home by encouraging your child to be resilient when facing simple tasks such as getting dressed and undressed, learning to fasten their coat, and when completing their homework such as reading books and Doodle Maths. 
Physical Development
We will be continuing to develop our letter and number formation with daily practice. You can help when at home remind your child to form their letters correctly using the RWI rhymes and especially starting in the correct place. Some of the children are still starting some letters from the bottom. We will be exploring different ways of moving our bodies and looking at some of the ways different animals move, we will be using The Lion King as a stimulus for this work. Why not have a movie night at home, discuss with your child all of the different animals in the film can you name as many as you can. Talk about the different ways they move and see if you can move your body in a similar way. 
We will be continuing to explore all things number such as recognising numerals, numerical patterns, making numbers and learning about how numbers represent. We will be focussing on numbers 0-10. Numberblocks will continue to be used as a way of supporting our maths work.  We will also be learning about shapes and learning the names of some 3D shapes as well as beginning to describe them. Watch the 3D shape song and then why not have a shape hunt around your home. You will be amazed by all of the 3D shapes you find!
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Expressive Art and Design
We will look at the work of Henri Rousseau and his 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' initially we will talk about what we can see in the painting, if we like it or not and how it makes us feel. We will then use this piece  as a stimulus to create our own paintings linked to animals and their habitats. We will focus on colours and how colour can help to give art more feeling and interest. 
We will have a range of different role play areas during this half term and will be hoping to create a vets where the children will be able to use their knowledge of how to care for animals into pretend practice. 
Understanding the World
Much of our learning this half term will be linked to this area of the curriculum. initially we will think about our own animals and pets and how we can best care for and look after them. We will then think about why some animals might not make good pets, especially in Amble and think about if there is any way we can help animals from around the world. We will look into animals which live in the UK and their habitats and compare them to other animals and look at how habitats differ around the world.