Autumn 1 2021

Welcome back Puffins! I hope you've had an enjoyable summer holidays and are all refreshed ready to learn. Here you will find coverage of the subjects being taught this half term and an overview of the content. 
During this half term we will focus on place value and addition and subtraction.
Build on your knowledge and consolidate your learning by accessing DoodleMaths daily. 10 minutes a day will boost your confidence and ability. Login to your account online or by downloading the App.
Focus: Living Things and Their Habitat
The children will explore and compare differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive. They will also explore different habitats and  micro-habitats and investigate the plants and animals found in these habitats.
Discover more about habitats at home by accessing the BBC website.
Focus: Geographical Skills
The children will focus on the geography of the school and the surrounding area of Amble. They will use aerial photographs to identify land use and use compass directions to locate places. The children will devise a map of the local area to show a route to school and use and construct their own key.
Focus: Sculpture
This half term the children will learn about what sculpture is and explore and develop their own ideas based on the  artist Kimmy Cantrell. We will explore using different clay techniques to create different effects. The children will create their own face sculpture using clay and 'build-up' the face with additional features like the eyes and nose.
This half term, the children will continue with singing lessons from an external teacher, building on the skills they developed in Year 1. 
Separate from singing, they will also be introduced the Ocarina and develop the basic skills needed to play this instrument
Design Technology
The children will explore stability and methods to strengthen structures, to understand Baby Bear's chair weaknesses and develop an improved solution for him to use.
Familiarise yourself with the story by listening to the story or reading the book.
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The text that we will focus on this half term is 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Within this unit of work, the children will learn the model text through story mapping and oral retelling. The children will learn the structure of the story and focus on characterisation to enable the to create their own innovated story.
We will then move on to writing an explanation text. Again, the children will learn a model text and then, using the explanation toolkit, they will write their own explanation.
Focus: Remembrance Day
The children will learn about armistice and the origins of Remembrance Day. They will think about who we remember and find out what we do and reasons why. The children will also think about why it is important to remember.
Find out more at home by visiting the Royal British Legion website.
This half term the children will learning about online safety with a focus on digital footprints (sharing personal information). They will also focus on understanding technology/networks by looking at computing systems and information and technology around us. 
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Religious Education 
Focus: Nature and God
This half term, the children will learn how nature can be important across religions and to make links between religions. They will learn the Christian Creation story, about the importance of harvest to some Christians and Jews by learning about harvest festivals and Sukkot. The children will also hear stories from Buddhism and Islam which highlight the importance of looking after nature.
Physical Education
Focus: Dodging
Throughout our PE lessons this half term, the children will participate in a range of activities to develop their skills and techniques of dodging and apply this into games.
Year 2 PE will be on Thursdays. Please ensure that the children come to school wearing their PE kit on this day. Earrings must be removed for PE lessons.
PSHE - Jigsaw
Being Me in My World
The children will begin by identifying some of their hopes and fears for this year. They will then move on to discuss rights and responsibilities of being a member of the class and contribute ideas about rewards and consequences. They will use their ideas to create a class charter to refer to throughout the year.