Spring 1 2022

During this half term, the children will focus on the text, 'How Coyote Brought Fire to the Earth'; a native American Story. They will learn the language and structure of the story and use this knowledge to create their own innovated story.
Following on from this, the children will focus on instructions. Linked to the previous text, they will learn the language and structure of the instructions, 'How to Defeat the Fire Giants'. This will lead them to writing their own instructions.
Science: Animals including Humans
Within this unit, the children will find out and describe the basic needs of animals for survival and the importance of exercise and nutrition for humans. They will investigate how exercise affects our bodies by completing tasks; recording their observations and discussing their findings.
Watch this video to find out more about life cycles.
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The focus will be comparing location within Northumberland. The children will identify human and physical features of Amble, Warkworth and Newcastle Upon Tyne. They will use maps to identify how these places differ and begin to question why.
Design Technology: Mechanisms 
Making a Moving Monster
After learning the terms; pivot, lever and linkage, children set to designing a monster that will move using a linkage mechanism. After practicing making linkages of different types and varying the materials they use. The children can also bring their monsters to life with the gift of movement.
Physical Education: Gymnastics
Within this gymnastics unit, the children will be challenged to explore different ways that they can link movements and balances together. The children will perform a sequence on apparatus focused on; jumps, rolls and balances.
Click HERE for more information about this half term's Computing learning.
Multiplication and Division
The children will practice and become fluent in the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables and begin to make links to the related division facts practically and mentally. They will group objects and share quantities as well as using arrays to link repeated addition to multiplication. Keep practicing at home using the MathsFrame Tables Check.
The children will collect and record data and use this to create pictograms and bar charts. They will answer questions by interpreting the information provided by the pictograms and bar charts.
Religious Education: Rules and Routines
Rules and Routines will teach the children why we have rules and routines and how they help us in our everyday lives. The children will then go on to learn about rules and routines from the viewpoint of different religions. Children are also introduced to humanism and the belief of humanists.
PSHE: Dreams and Goals
In this puzzle, the class talk about setting realistic goals and how to achieve them. They discuss perseverance when they find things difficult as well as recognising their strengths as a learner. The children talk about group work and reflect on who they work well with and who they don't. They will also talk about sharing success with other people.
History: Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II
The children will learn about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II by exploring the lives and accomplishments and make comparisons between the two queens. They will explore the impact that these achievements have had on Britain.
Art: Drawing
Within this drawing focus, the children will develop techniques in using pencil to create tones. They will experiment with applying varying amounts of pressure to show light and shade.
Music: Singing and Ocarinas
The children will continue with their weekly singing lessons with an external teacher. In ocarinas, the children will continue to develop their skills playing notes they already know as well as learn new notes.