Penguins (Year 4) Autumn 2 2019

No Place 
Like Home
This half term our topic will focus on WWII. We will look at the reasons for the outbreak of war and sequence key events on a timeline. Through studying the Home Front we will learn how people contributed to the war effort. Click on the word mat to become familiar with some of the new vocabulary we will be using in our topic work. To support your learning in class click on the video link below to watch a short clip giving a brief overview of the war.
To enhance our learning of evacuees we will be visiting Beamish museum. We encourage pupils to dress as evacuees for the visit in order to fully engage in the learning.
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We will use a variety of maps to locate countries in WWII and identify allied and axis powers.
Arithmetic & Reasoning:
We will be adding and subtracting numbers with up to 4 digits and deciding which operation to use to solve 2-step word problems.
We will be learning all about the four different types of triangles. Click on the image to find out the different types of triangles and their properties. Watch the short clip and then see if you can correctly label each triangle.
Data & Measure:
In Measurement we will be finding the area of shapes by counting squares. Watch the video clip below to get an introduction to what area is.
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Use the resources on Purple Mash to support our learning in French. This half term we will focus on the unit 'Sports and Hobbies'.
We will continue our singing lessons with Flora, our specialist singing teacher, singing short melodies as a solo or a small group. Through our topic work we will be listening to popular wartime music and learning some WWII songs.
Through our work in RE we will explore the question 'How is Christmas celebrated in different parts of the world?'.
We will use the model text 'Should children do housework?' to learn the vocabulary and structure of a discussion text. Using our learning in English and History we will write our own discussion text -  'Should children have been evacuated during WWII?'. 
Outdoor and Adventurous
Following on from our orienteering last half term we will continue with our outdoor and adventurous activites at our residential visit to Robinwood. We will be involved in a great variety of activities including canoeing, climbing wall, caving and archery. We will also be involved in many team building tasks including Dragon's Quest, the Nightline, the Crate challenge and the dreaded Piranha pool! 
Later this half term we will choreograph a short floor sequence using equipment such as balls and ribbons.
This half term we will be learning about electricity. We will construct simple circuits, identifying & naming the basic parts.  We will investigate materials to find conductors and insulators. Click on the following links to learn more in preparation for our lessons - 
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Through studying Victor Lundy’s sketches of daily life while serving in the military during WWII, we will improve our mastery of drawing. We will create our own sketches using different hardness of pencils to show line, tone and texture. We will use shading to show light and shadow and we will learn how to use hatching and cross hatching to show tone and texture in our drawings. Click on the image below to learn about the different tones you can create with different pencils.
In our online safety work we'll be Super Searchers and learn more about using search engines safely and effectively. We'll find out more about how results are selected and  ranked. We will learn about making searches more accurate and recap on what we should do if we access inappropriate content during searching.
We then be continuing our programming work using the Logo programming language that we used in Years 1 and 2 and begin to use repetition and procedures to shorten the algorithms that the children use. We'll be using Purple Mash Logo which can be accessed through School360.
Lessons 6 and 12 at Turtle Academy are a good practise for the children!