Penguins (Year 4) Spring 2 2018 Newsletter

Sounds Amazing!
The children will focus on how vibrations cause sounds and how sounds travel. We will investigate the best material for soundproofing and learn about the scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, and his invention of the telephone. Click on the sound word mat below to familiarise yourself with the vocabulary we will be using. To learn more about sound waves and vibrations watch the following video clip.
Linking to our work on sound we will explore sounds and syllables in words through poetry. We will use Haiku poems as a model and use the structure to create our own poems. To learn more about this type of poem and counting syllables in words watch the video clip below.
We will finish this half term exploring the structure and language of non-fiction texts, writing our own information text about solids, liquids and gases.
We will be using Purple Mash to learn about 'La salle de classe'. Watch the following video clip to learn some of the words and phrases we will be using.
What's the matter?
We will be learning about the states of matter of everyday objects and exploring what happens when materials are heated up and cooled down. Click on the word mat below to become familiar with the vocabulary we need for this topic. Learn the song below to further your understanding of solids, liquids and gases.
We will be recognising and writing tenths and hundredths as decimals. We will find the effect of dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100. Have a go at the game Balloon Pop Decimals to practise ordering decimals from smallest to largest value.
In Geometry we will be learning about symmetry. Click on the following link to have a go at some daring symmetry puzzle games including building your own symmetrical robot!