Penguins (Year 4) Spring 1 2018 Newsletter

Amazing Amazon
In our Geography based topic we will learn about the location and climate of tropical rainforests. We will explore the different layers of the rainforest and discover why they are under threat. Watch the following video clip to find out fun, amazing facts about the Amazon Rainforest.
We will be learning about living things and their habitats, focusing on the rainforest and finding out about the plants and animals that make the rainforest their home. We will use classification keys and Carroll diagrams to help group and sort the different animals. Learn some of the animals you will find in this fun song about a rainforest.
This half term we will be learning about Judaism. Watch the following video clip showing the life of a Jewish child to develop an understanding of this religion.
Using the setting of the rainforest we will develop our skills as storytellers. We will use The Great Kapok Tree and The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry to develop our vocabulary and sentence structure in order to compose our own stories based in a tropical rainforest. We will edit our own stories to make them more interesting for the reader. Click on the following link to practice editing stories by improving the vocabulary.
We will be learning about the artist Henri Rousseau who used plants and animals from the rainforests in many of his paintings. Watch the following short, animated story to find out about the artist and some of his paintings. We will be working alongside an artist to create our own felt wall hanging inspired by Henri Rousseau. We will also be creating our own wire sculptures of plants found in the rainforest.
In Arithmetic we will be learning to add and subtract fractions. We will begin by investigating equivalent fractions. To develop your understanding of equivalent fractions watch the following video clip.
We will also be developing our multiplication and division skills, learning to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers. It would really help if you were confident with the times tables. Use the following link to complete activities to increase your confidence and speed of multiplication facts.
In Measure we will be learning about perimeter and area of 2D rectangular shapes. Watch the following video clips to gain a basic introduction to these in preparation for our lessons.