Penguins (Year 4) Summer 2 2019

No Place Like Home
This half term our topic will focus on WWII. We will look at the reasons for the outbreak of war and sequence key events on a timeline. Through studying the Home Front we will learn how people contributed to the war effort. Click on the word mat to become familiar with some of the new vocabulary we will be using in our topic work. To support your learning in class click on the picture above to watch a short video clip giving a brief overview of the war.
To enhance our learning of evacuees we will be visiting Beamish museum. We encourage pupils to dress as evacuees for the visit in order to fully engage in the learning.
We will use the model text 'Should children do housework?' to learn the vocabulary and structure of a discussion text. Using our learning in English and History we will write our own discussion text -  'Should children have been evacuated during WWII?'. 
**Y4 Leavers' Performance**
Scripts have already been sent home for our performance at the end of term. Please support your child to practice their part ready for rehearsals in our final weeks.
We will be having a big push this half term to secure our quick recall of times tables. Use the link below to practice the times tables in a fun, musical way choosing your own instruments 
Hit the Button is also great for improving quick recall of multiplication facts.
This half term we will be solving problems using pounds and pence. Click on the following link to watch a short clip about adding coins and notes of different values
We will be using our knowledge of electrical circuits and switches to design and make our own working lamps.
PE will be outdoors this half term (weather permitting) so we can focus on Summer Games including rounders and cricket. We will also be practising for our upcoming Sports Day. Please ensure your child has PE kit in school at all times. Don't forget your trainers!
Use the resources on Purple Mash to support our learning in French. This half term we will focus on the unit 'Pocket Money'.