Sharks Autumn 2 2019 Newsletter

Sharks Autumn 2 2019 Newsletter
Prehistoric Britain

We have been very busy learning about Prehistoric Britain so far this term and have produced some fantastic cave art.  We already know a lot about the Stone Age and we will add to this with some work on the Bronze Age and the Ice Age to give us a broad understanding of life in Britain through history.





Our topic this half term is Forces and Magnets.  We will be investigating contact forces before testing and comparing how things move on different surfaces. We will go on to look at magnetic forces  and observe how magnets attract and repel certain materials.

You might like to watch this short demonstration. 


We will spend this half term building on our knowledge of three digit numbers and use this to complete calculations.  We will continue to develop our reasoning skills through using challenges.

The children will be working on reading and writing the time to the nearest minute.  This can be tricky!  Can the children tell you what time it is?  Please practise this at home as much as possible.

Firstly we'll be considering how to keep safe online by identifying advertisements online and how websites can use our digital footprints to target their advertising.  We'll be learning how to identify adverts and talking about how we should respond to things that we see online that we are not certain about.
We'll be learning another programming language using miniature ozobots that follow lines and understand commands via colour codes.  The children will be programming these ozobots to complete given tasks and debugging their programs if they don't quite work. The video below explains a little more about Ozobot basics.
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The children have been enjoying learning to sing with our specialist singing teacher Flora.  We will continue working with Flora this half term to practise singing rhythmically and singing with actions in a relaxed jazz style.


English and Reading


We will be learning the skills required to write good instructions this half term.  This will conclude with the children writing the instructions needed should you wish to wash a woolly mammoth!

Reading continues to be an integral part of our day in Year 3 and it remains vital children read regularly in order to build fluency, comprehension skill and to develop a love of reading.  To support this in school we will continue to read a class novel each day and we will begin this half term reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

It remains incredibly important that the children read regularly at home. Each day the children’s reading record will be checked to see if they have read the previous evening. If the children read 4 or more times each week they will receive a pink mark.  Once the children have received 6 pink marks, they will choose a book mark and a further 6 pink marks will earn them a book. This cycle will continue for every 6 pink marks.