Sharks Autumn 1 2018 Newsletter

Prehistoric Britain!
From Stone Age to Iron Age
Throughout this topic, your child will learn about life during the Stone Age and how things changed going into the Bronze Age and then finishing with the Iron Age.
Watch these short video clips to gain an understanding of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.
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This half term all children will be learning the language and structure of a portal story. They will use this knowledge to create their own story set in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age.
Now the children are in KS2, they will be able to gain awards with their reading. Each day the children's reading records are checked to see if they have read the previous evening. If the children read 4 or more times each week, they will receive one pink mark. Once the children have received 6 pink marks, they will choose a book mark and a further 6 pink marks will earn them a book of their choosing from a selection given. This cycle will continue for every 6 pink marks.
Please encourage your child to read each night as this helps with fluency, expression and understanding of the books that they read.
This term, PE lessons will take  place on a Wednesday. The PE lessons will be outside so please ensure that your child has jogging bottoms as well as their shorts and a change of footwear.
Number: Throughout this half term, your child will be extended their knowledge of number by moving on to 3-digit numbers. They will apply skills of addition and subtraction already taught to solving trickier problems involving 3-digit numbers. Play this game to practise making 3-digit numbers.
Geometry: The focus will be 2D and 3D shapes. The children will build on their prior knowledge of shape by drawing shapes accurately and making 3D models. How good are you at identifying shapes? Play this game to find out.
Data and Measure: Measuring length and perimeter will be the focus over the next half term.
Animals including Humans
The children will be introduced to body parts related to the skeleton and learn about the functions of each body part.

RE – Birth Ceremonies

Your child will learn about the different needs of a new-born baby and how people feel when a baby is born. They will also learn about birthing ceremonies across different religions, including Christianity, Islam and Sikhism and make comparisons.


This year your child will be introduced to French. This half term the focus will be on colours. They will learn new vocabulary by playing fun games and orally rehearsing words and phrases. Why not learn alongside your child at home by accessing Purple Mash through School360.