Sharks Spring 2 2019 Newsletter

Extreme Earth
This half term, we will be continuing to focus on 'Extreme Earth' although the focus will shift from Geography to Art and Design and Technology.
In Art, our lessons will be based on 'Twisted Tornadoes' where the children will create their own vortex. Using shades of different colours, it will create an illusion that the tornadoes are 3D.
Our Design and Technology lessons will focus on pneumatics. The children will design, make and evaluate a working model of an earthquake or a volcano.
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Homework Project
For our homework project this term, the children will need to create something linked to our topic of Extreme Earth. This could include anything on earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis or tornadoes. The children might even have other ideas to incorporate into our topic.
Some ideas could be:
  • making models
  • a picture or painting
  • a collage
  • an information text
  • a leaflet or booklet
What ever the children decide, try to be creative as possible. The projects will need to be completed by Wednesday 27th March.
Light is the focus for this half term. The children will learn about light sources and understand the concept of dark. They will set up investigations and make predictions related to shadows and surfaces which reflect light.
Arithmetic and Reasoning: The children will develop their understanding of addition and subtraction using a range of strategies including the column method. We will also be looking at multiplication and division of larger numbers by partitioning to solve.
Statistics: Over the half term, the children will be looking at data using pictograms and bar charts and creating their own data to produce pictograms and bar charts.
Data and Measure: Will be continuing to focus on time with a specific focus on time duration. The children will benefit with support from home with this as time is a tricky concept to learn. Why not try some of these games to support their learning.
Religious Education
We are continuing to learn about the life of Jesus, particularly his later life leading up to his death. The children will be visiting St Cuthbert's Church to participate in the Easter Experience where they will take part in different activities to learn about the events leading up to Jesus' death.
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