Puffins Spring 1 2020

The Great Fire of London
During this half term, the children will discover how London has changed over time and compare present day living to life in 1666. They will use books, the internet, artefacts and Samuel  Pepys diary to uncover what life was like during this period and to discover facts about the Great Fire of London. The will answer questions like; How did the Great Fire start? and How did it spread across London?
Watch this video to find out more.
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Through our topic, the children will focus on map skills. They will use a map to describe what London is like now and compare to map from 1666. They will also use aerial photographs to enable them to recognise landmarks in London and also to compare two locations; London and Amble. The children will be introduced to grid references where they will be able to plot parts of London that was affected by the Great Fire of 1666.
Have a go at investigating London at home using Digimaps which is a free resource available to children at Amble Links. Just click on the link!
Linked to our topic, the children will create a cityscape of London. They will look at the work of Monet's cityscapes, discussing colour and comparisons with other cityscapes. The children will experiment with colour using pastels and then use this in their own composition.
Religious Education
This half term we will be exploring the question, 'Why are Holy Books special?'. We will begin to look at the Christian Holy Bible and make comparisons to the Jewish Torah. Watch this video which explores two young Christians explaining what the Bible means in their lives.
Physical Education
Dance: The children will develop skills of travelling in different ways, considering speed and direction to produce a dance linked to The Great Fire of London. 
Please ensure PE kits remain in school for the half term.
Swimming: Swimming will continue every other Thursday. Our first session will be on 16th January 2020.
Some children in the class will be continuing with RWI this half term. During these sessions, the children will focus on a text which will support their reading accuracy and fluency. They will become familiar with the text by oral comprehension and then use the text to support their independent writing composition. Within RWI, there will also be a strong focus on spelling. The children will use sounds from Set 1, 2 and 3 and apply these accurately to spell words.
The other children in the class will begin English lessons. We will be focusing on the text 'Katie in London' to link with our topic. Within these lessons, the children will internalise the text by using a text map to help them recall the story. They will become familiar with the text through activities like: oral comprehension, acting out the text, hot seating and shared reading. The children will learn the structure of the text and identify the key language features used which will enable the children to write their own journey story based on 'Katie in London'.
Arithmetic and Reasoning: The focus for this half term is multiplicaton and division. Within this unit of work, we will focus on the 2x table, 5x table and 10x table. It is important that the children have a sound understanding of these table and that they are embedded during Year 2. Please spend time practising tables at home so that your child has instant recall of these facts. Sumdog and Hit the button are two examples of games that you can use to help with these skills.
Data and Measure: Money
The children will recap the value of each coin and note. They will investigate ways of making the same amount with different coins and find the total and difference of different amounts.
Geometry: Position and Direction
The children will use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement. They will also look at rotation in terms of right angles for quarter, half and three-quarter turns.
The children will interpret and construct simple pictograms, tally charts and block diagrams. They will use these data to ask and answer simple questions and compare.
Science: Animals including Humans
Within this unit of work, the children will investigate what happens to our bodies as we grow and describe how other animals change as they grow. Through this, the children will use life cycles to sequence and describe how they change. Click on this link to discover more about the life cycle of animals.
PSHE: Lucinda and Godfrey 'The Smell Monster'
The children will read 'The Smell Monster' which links to personal hygiene. They will discuss and describe their feelings and recognise how these can be changed. The book will reinforce how to keep their bodies clean and realise the consequences of not keeping clean.
An external teacher will continue to develop the children's singing skills this half term. The children will perform rhythmically as a group, incorporating accurate choreographed actions and sing a syncopated melody with rhythmic precision.
In their online safety work, the children will be learning to recognise whether different websites are appropriate for them or not. They will consider the content of websites and then decide whether the site is safe and appropriate, not safe or whether they should check with an adult before using it. 
Key vocabulary: appropriate 
The children will then be learning how IT can be used beyond school and will be learning skills of editing images. We'll learn how to import and insert images and use tools such as cut, paste, crop, rotate, resize, move and drag to manipulate images.  We'll be creating our own 'funny faces' and then use images of animals we have found online and the tools we have learned about to create our own 'creatures'!

Key Vocabulary: image, insert, move, drag, resize, rotate, crop, cut, paste