Puffins Autumn 1 2017 Newsletter

Dungeons and Dragons
 In this History based topic the children will be finding out about castles and exploring the answers to some of these questions - What is a castle? Why were castles built? Where were castles built? What were the different parts of castles? Who lived in a castle? Find lots of facts to share with your child on this website.
In Science we will be exploring the use and properties of different materials and using this knoweldge to carry out lots of investigations. They will be testing and finding out which material could be used for a castle window and investigating how they could make a rope strong enough for Shrek to climb up to reach the princess in the tower. Play this game to find out about the properties of different materials.
In Art we will be looking at the work of Paul Klee and his 'Castle in the Sun' paintings. The children will use different techniques to recreate their own version of the famous painting aswell as exploring the use of different shapes. Take a look at his fantastic painitng below.
Spelling is an important part of the National Curriculm so aswell as daily Read Write Inc sessions the children will also take part in daily spelling sessions where they will practice spelling common exception words in a varitey of different ways. To help consolidate these spellings, we ask that as part of their homeowrk they practice reading, writing and using these words in sentences in preparation for a weekly spelling test.
In our writing we will be describing dragons and castles using expanded noun phrases.
We will be looking at the four different sentence types (statement, command, question and exclamation) and exploring how we can use these in our own writing.
Homework will continue to be handed out on a Friday and collected and marked on a Wednesday. Homework in Year 2 will include reading, 5 weekly spellings, mathletics and a project (one termly). 
This half term it's a Dungeons and Dragons project!

It’s up to the children what they decide to do. They can do it on their own or together with a family member. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Be creative! I look forward to hearing some of your ideas over the next few weeks.  Projects should be brought into school, after the half term holidays, by Thursday 2rd November. 

 All of the children will continue to be taught literacy skills though the programme of Read Write Inc. The children will be given lots of opportunities to apply these skills through their topic work where they will be doing lots of writing based on the following texts - The Dragon Machine, George and the Dragon, Shrek. and The Paper Bag Princess. 
Take a look at the video of George and the Dragon below.
 Arithmetic and Reasoning - We will be focusing on the place value of 2 digit numbers, identifying how many tens and ones, representing 2 digit numbers in a variety of different ways aswell as partitioning 2 digit numbers, for example 76 = 70 + 6. The children will be familiarising themselves with the hundred square and using this to find 2 digit numbers. How fast can you find the number?
Geomtery - We will be looking at 2D shapes and describing their properties including lines of symmetry.
Data and Measure - We will  be measuring length and mass and choosing the appropriatte unit of measrue including cm, m, g and k.
Religious Education
The children will be reading a range of different stories including stories from the bible, traditional tales and stories from different faiths. We will be exploring how some stories have a moral (take a look at The Hare and the Tortoise story below) while others contain a hidden message of meaning.
Physical Education
The Puffins will have their PE lessons this term on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that PE kits are in school and they include trainers or sand shoes. Our focus this half term will be Invasion Games. Swimming will continue to be every other Thursday. 


Please spend a little time each night reading with your child at home. This doesn’t only have to be reading their school reading book but can include their library book or any other texts that they are reading at home. We ask that you record any reading that you do at home in your child’s reading record book so that we can celebrate this in school. In Puffins the children will be rewarded with a weekly pink mark for 4 or more daily comments from home in their reading diaries. A record of this will be kept in school by Mrs Briggs. When they achieve pink marks for a full half term they will get a little prize to celebrate their hard work. The children will read at least once a week with an adult in school either in guided reading sessions or one to one.