Puffins Summer 2 2018 Newsletter

Around the world in 30 days
 In our Geography based topic the children will become more and more familiar with maps, atlases and globes and be using these to find out more about the world we live in. Each week the focus will be one of the 7 continents of the world—Europe, North America, South America, Asia Africa, Australasia and Antarctica. The children will be using geographical vocabulary to describe features of different parts of the world and will be comparing two contrasting locations - an African Village to their own town of Amble. Take a look at the word mats below for some of the vocabulary that they will be using.
Digi maps and Google maps are bothe great free resources that the children can use themselves at home.
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We will be finding out about the life of the explorer Christopher Columbus and his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to America. We will be looking at how he changed history and how other explorers followed in footsteps.
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Topic Project
 This half term it's an around the world inspired project!

It’s up to the children what they decide to do. They can do it on their own or together with a family member. You may want to:

  • Choose a continent and find out more about it
  • Create a map/globe with labels
  • Make and taste food from different parts of the world
  • Create a piece of Art work from a particular country
  • Create an information text/holiday guide for different parts of the world
  • Link it to the world cup

Be creative! I look forward to hearing some of your ideas over the next few weeks.  Projects should be brought into school in 6 weeks time on Wednesday 18th July.

The children will be exploring journey stories where characters go on different journeys around the world - Meerkat Mail  and Journey will be the focus texts. We will be receiving and writing postcard and emails to other children in different parts of the world. They will also be using their own understanding of the continents of the world to write their own journey stories - a journey on a magic carpet. Where will their magic carpet take them?
We will be consolidating the four operations and using this to solve problems. The children will also be practising the 2, 5 and 10 times so that they are able to recall these both in and out of order aswell as knowing the corresponding division facts. For example if 9 x 5 = 45 then 45 divided by 5 = 9. Fact families is a fantastic game to try at home. How many
The children will be doing more work on telling the time. This half term focising on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Try this game at home.
Living things and their habitats -We will be sorting and classifying things according to whether they are living, dead or were never alive and recording our findings using charts.Try these games at home - Forest Life Trail
Aswell as constructing simple food chains and describing the conditions in different habitats and microhabitats around the world.
PE - Athletics
Preparations for sports day are going to be well underway. The children will be throwing a variety of equipment to different targets and jumping over lines and obstacles, explaining how to improve the height and distance of their jumps. Aswell as both long and short distance running.


Explore the origins of some of the beliefs of major religions including The Bible, The Torah, The Guru Granth Sahib and The Qur’an.


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