Puffins Spring 2 2018 Newsletter

Walk the Plank
Spring 2
This half term we will be exploring the life of pirates in the past including ships, punishments, jobs and rules. We will be finding out about famous pirates including Blackbeard and Anne Bonny. 
Take a look at some of the famous pirates that we will be learning about or take a look at these interesting pirate facts and myths.
Pirates spend a great deal of time on water so we will be investigating water in lots of different ways. We will be investigating floating and sinking and designing our own pirate ships which we hope will be able to float but how much treasure will they hold before they sink? Also, we will be exploring which materials absorb the most and least water. Why not play this game at home?

The children will continue to learn spelling patterns and rules for adding suffixes to root words. This half term we will be focusing on the suffixes ly, ful, s and es. Here are a few games to help practice adding these suffixes.

In Grammar the children will do further work on commas in lists and how a comma can be used to replace the word 'and'. Why not have a go at writing a list at home?
This half term it's a Pirate inspired project!

It’s up to the children what they decide to do. They can do it on their own or together with a family member.Here are some ideas to get you started.


Be creative! I look forward to hearing some of your ideas over the next few weeks.  Projects should be brought into school, after the Easter holidays byThursday 19th April and will be showcased the following morning in assembly.

*Important date*
Our Puffins class assembly will take place on Thursday 22nd March at 9am where the children will be showing you their learning from this half term.
We will be learning throwing and hitting skills using a range of different equipment including raquets and bats. This will lead up to the children being able to play a game which involves scoring points by throwing or hitting a ball over a line or net so it bounces twice.



Through our topic on Pirates we will be reading a variety of stories to widen our choice of vocabulary to  write character profiles, exploring story structure and making predictions.


We will also develop our understanding of non-fiction texts by creating our own glossaries of new vocabulary linked to pirates and organising information to write our own factual accounts.


Below are two of the stories that we will be reading.

Arithmetic and Reasoning - Finding fractions of amounts using the bar model method including 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, 3/4 and 2/3 and recognising equivalent fractions. Have a go at this fractions flags game.
Adding and subtrating 2 digit numbers. Have a look at the videos below to help you practcie at home.
Data and Measure - Capacity, volume and temperature including reading scales.
Geometry - Consolidation of both 2D and 3D shapes. Play this game to revise the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
Leaders and Teachers
In RE this half term the children will be exploring the lives of religious leaders such as Jesus, Moses, Guru Nanak and Muhammad and answers questions such as - What qualities did they have? What made them good leaders? What did they stand for? take a look at the the videos below to gain an understanding of the lives of Jesus and Moses.