Puffins Autumn 2 2019

The Unsinkable!
Our topic 'The Unsinkable' will focus on the famous 'Titanic'. Through our history lessons, the children will uncover the events that led up to the sinking of the Titanic and be able to place these events on a timeline. Artefacts retrieved form the Titanic will lead the children to ask relevant questions to find out more about the past. The children will learn about the different classes and how this impacted people's lives aboard the ship.
Through our geography lessons, the children will map the journey of The Titanic by using maps and atlases. They will name and locate countries of the UK and continents and oceans of the world.
We will learn about Willy Stower, an artist from Germany who is best known for his paintings of the sinking of RMS Titanic. The children will compare his work with other artists' depiction of RMS Titanic and use this as a starting point for their own artwork. They will experiment with colour by creating their own colour wheels and explore shades of colour.
Our DT lessons will consists of designing and creating a boat that will float, using our knowledge of materials from our Science lessons. The children will need to think carefully about materials that float and sink and how best to support their design so that it will hold an object.
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Physical Education
We will begin the half term focusing on multi-skills. Within these lessons, the children will continue to build on spacial awareness and awareness of others when moving and develop control in their movements, developing agility and balance. This will be developed through a variety of games.
We will finish off the half term with Gymnastics. Within these lessons, the children will develop elements of rolling, balance, jumping and turning to create and perform their own sequence with a partner.
The children will be learning about how to search the internet appropriately and safely using key words in a search engine to give them the best possible search results. During this they will consider what they would do if they come across any website content that worries or scares them by showing a grown up.  We'll also talk about using safe search engines such as Safesearchkids and Kiddle that filter out most potentially harmful content for children.
 Building on from last year’s Beebot programming and simple logo programming, the children will begin to program using Purple Mash 2Code (Logo) using more complex logo commands as another type of language that can be used to program computers. We'll learn how to create simple algorithms by giving a sequence of commands. We'll learn how to debug our algorithms if they don't work as want them to by systematically checking them. The children can access logo programs at home through School360. The children can also learn more at Turtle Academy.
Arithmetic and Reasoning: Addition and Subtraction
Using concrete, pictorial and written methods, the children will further develop their addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to 100. Log in to Sumdog at home to help practise these skills. 
Data and Measure: Time
The children will re-cap O'Clock, half past. quarter to and quarter past the hour on an analogue clock. The children will then progress to tell the time to 5 minutes. Time is a tricky concept for the children so please practise with your child at home to embed their understanding. Play this game at home to help.
The children will construct and interpret a range of graphs and tables and ask and answer simple question to interpret them.
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In Year 2, we will be continuing with Read Write Inc. sessions. Through these lessons, the children will continue to embed their knowledge of Set 1-3 sounds and apply them into spelling words accurately. During the lessons the children will have a sound understanding of the text being taught and apply their knowledge to writing their own text type, fiction and non-fiction.
We will be continuing our work on 'Everyday Materials' this half term, completing even more investigations on different materials. To make links with our topic, the children will investigate materials that sink or float and use this knowledge to design and make their very own boat.  
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Religious Education
Through our RE lessons, we will answer the question 'What do creation stories teach us about God?'. We will begin to look at the Christian faith on creation and then compare with the Hinduism and Judaism belief on creation. 
Each week the children will be receiving singing lessons with an external teacher. Flora has already been impressed with the ability of our class! This half term the children will work together to create a dramatic group performance using props and sound makers ready for Christmas!
Through discussions linked to our topic, the children will identify social class (first, second and third) and respect the similarities and differences between people. Find out the different food available on board the Titanic depending on your class. Which would you prefer?