Jellyfish Newsletter Spring 1 2019

Wonderful Winter

We will begin this half term with a two week topic ‘Wonderful Winter’.  We will look again at seasons, using our senses to describe winter and comparing it with other times of the year.  As we look at the weather in winter we will be observing the changes day by day and discussing how day length shortens.

 You can help your child by talking about the weather and temperature over the next few weeks and watching as the mornings and evenings become lighter.


In Maths we will be recognising and using coins to make different amounts.  Why not play a shops game at home with your child or talk about coins when you are shopping.  We are using this game to develop our knowledge of coins.


In Literacy we will continue with Read Write Inc, learning the remaining Set 3 sounds.  The Jellyfish will be focussing on writing lowercase and capital letters correctly and naming the letters of the alphabet in order.  Why not play the mouse house game and listen to this familiar song to help.

We will be introducing ‘alien’ or nonsense words that children can sound out using their phonic knowledge.  Why not play this game at home to practice.

You can help your child at home to read the sounds we have be learning, particularly words with a-e (make, came, place) o-e (home, phone) i-e (smile, nice) and u-e (huge).


In Geography we will begin by looking at colder continents and the animals we might see at the North and South Poles.

Up, up and Away

We will be learning about the history of flight, and finding out about explorers, inventors and experiments as we look at the first hot air balloons, aircraft and spacecraft.

The children will use maps and atlases to find out about the continents that were involved in the development of flight.

There are lots of great activities about flight and Space on Purple Mash and Curriculum visions.  Why not have a look and see what you would like to try?


In Art and Design the children will talk about different sculptures and investigate different ways to use ice for design and sculptures as we begin to talk about other materials.


Our P.E. lessons will usually be on a Wednesday this term, please make sure your child has a P.E. kit in school every day.  We are developing our gymnastic skills using balalnces, rolls and jumps to create a short sequence of moves.

** Homework project **

During this half term the children can create a homework project around Space.  You might like to write about the Space Race, draw or make a Spacecraft or moon buggy or perhaps design a new space outfit?  Whatever you decide to do, we look forward to seeing your projects.  Please look out for a message in the homework books towards the end of term to bring the projects in for display.