Jellyfish Spring 2 2019 Newsletter

My Island Home
This half term the children will be finding out about the countries that make up the UK and the seas that surround our country.  We will be comparing these countries with other islands.  You can help your child by talking about places they have visited or looking at maps together.


We will be reading stories about island life, including The Lighthouse Keepers lunch.  Listen to the story here.

The children will share stories with maps to find out about story settings.

The Jellyfish will be learning about multiplication and division by making equal groups and sharing.  Why not play Hit The Button to practise doubles and halves.


We will be looking at the changing seasons and observing the weather to look at signs of Spring.



We will be learning about significant individuals from our local area, focusing on Grace Darling.  The children will learn about key events and how life then was different to our lives today.


The children will compare different painting of the sea and use this to begin to use watercolours to experiment with different paint effects.  They will paint seascapes by selecting and blending colours.


The children will be continuing to develop their gymnastic skills, using leaps and turns.  We will be linking the skills the children have developed to perform a short gymnastics sequence.


R.E. - Special People


We will be finding out about people who are special to us and what makes them special.


Reading Critters

When your child has read with an adult 4 times in one week they will receive a sticker for their reward chart. Once they have earned 3 stickers they will be able to choose their own reading critter to take home. There is a huge family of reading critters to collect which is a great incentive to keep up with regular reading at home. As they begin to collect their family of reading critters there are opportunities to earn extra bonus critters!