Turtles Summer 2 2018 Newsletter

Spring and Growing
Last half term we loved learning all about caterpillars and butterflies and were fascinated to watch how they changed before our very eyes within our classroom. A visit to the farm also helped us to learn about how animals grow and change. For the first 2 weeks of this half term we will continue to learn about growing but with a focus on plants and flowers.  We will be using texts such as Jaspers Beanstalk as a stimulus for this. The children have already been learning about growing and caring for plants through their work in the garden with Mrs Graham. I am sure you will all agree they have done a brilliant job so far! Why not try some growing at home too- something like cress is very quick and simple- keep us up to date with this by adding your photographs onto Tapestry! 
Read Write Inc
We are very impressed with how well the children are doing with their RWI work. They already confidently recognise lots of set 2 sounds and are beginning to use these well to support their independent reading and writing. This half term we will continue to learn set 2 sounds which we have not yet covered, as well as introducing some new tricky red words. At home you can support your child by encouraging them to spot red words within their reading books as well as practicing writing these words. This will be fantastic preparation for moving into Year 1.  Remember you can't Fred a red you just have to know it! As part of our learning we are encouraging the children to become more independent when writing simple sentences, we do this by telling the children to hold the sentence in their head, say it out loud, say it to a friend, count how many words are in the sentence then have a go at recording it. We are currently reinforcing the use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Why not have a go at writing some simple sentences at home!
Sports Day
Watch out for more information about sports day this half term, we will be starting to practice some our activities very soon so please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school each day. As part of sports day we ask that the children wear a t shirt to show their team colours red, yellow or green. All of the children know which team they are in but if you do need any information about this please ask. 
For the last 4 weeks of the year we will be welcoming Mrs Lockey into the Turtles to complete her teaching practice. Mrs Lockey will be working alongside the current Early Years staff to plan and deliver exciting learning opportunities linked to our new topic People who help us. She will also play a key role in supporting the children as they transition into Year 1. 
People who help us!
During this half term we will be learning about people who help us.  We will be learning all about how people in school, at home and within our community help us. Through this work we will be finding out lots about the emergency services such as Police, Fire service, and NHS staff and how the roles they all do help us all on a daily basis. and link our learning to fiction and non-fiction books.  We will use these books and also share our own experiences of people who have helped us. You may like to share with us, through tapestry, photos of visits to a fire station or to the vet! Do you have any photographs with someone who has helped you in their special uniform? We will also be looking at what we can do to help others too, this could be as simple helping at home by keeping their bedrooms tidy or getting ready on their own in the mornings. Why not share the video link below and talk to your child about the jobs that people do which help us. Can you think of anyone else who has been missed off the video?
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You might like to watch Here Comes a Fire Engine and find out about Fire fighter Spencer and 'Fireman Ted' on their busy day at the fire station.

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Much of our learning this half term will be linked to using the skills we have learned to solve problems. We will be continuing to learn all about doubling, halving, sharing and also practicing our work on Number Bonds. The children now use the Number Bond Rap to support their mental recall of numbers which go together to make 10. Why not practice this at home and then have a game of number bond ping pong! We play this in school where I say a number, for example 4 and the children have to reply with the number which goes with 4 to make 10, so reply with 6! Have a go at playing Hit the button and seeing how many number bonds you can match in one minute!