Turtles Summer 1 2019 Newsletter

But he was still hungry..!
This half term our topic will be all about Spring and Growing. As an introduction to our learning we will be sharing the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, as well as a selection of information books about butterflies and caterpillars. Why not share the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with your child at home, you could even watch the animated video below. Through these books we will be learning all about life cycles and how things such as animals and plants change and grow over time. We will try to hatch our very own caterpillars and observe and care for them as they go through the different stages of turning into a butterfly. Why not click here to create and label your own butterfly life cycle diagram?
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We have already started to spot many signs of Spring. We will continue to discuss what changes we can see and feel as the seasons continue to change. Why not go on a Spring walk with your child and see what changes you can observe? Don't forget to share your photos with us on Tapestry, we love to see what the children have been up to at home. Mrs Graham has a very busy few weeks planned as she and the children prepare our garden for an exciting time- we have lots of plans to grow some exciting things in the garden this summer.
Read Write Inc
We will be continuing with our Read, Write Inc sessions and will be making good use of our developing blending and segmenting skills. We will continue introducing Set 2 sounds to the children- for more information on Set 2 sounds and a video showing the correct pronunciation of sounds watch the video below. We will also be encouraging the children to think about 'red' words and practising reading these tricky words within books. Why not play tricky red word bingo at home? You could use your red words from your word wallets to create your own bingo cards. We love to play bingo in school and I am sure the children could teach you the rules! Any practise of writing red words at home would also be great!
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Letter formation
We have been working hard with our letter formation in school but some of the children are still finding a couple of the letters a little difficult to form due to not starting in the correct place. Don't forget to use your letter formation sheets to support with writing at home. 
We are trying hard to learn our number bonds to 10. We even know a number bond rap which helps us to remember the pairs of numbers which go together to make 10. In our number work we will be developing our addition and subtraction skills as well as practising new skills such as doubling, halving and sharing. We will learning all about symmetry through our work on butterflies. We will be teaching the children that symmetry means "exactly the same on both sides." Why not click here to play a game all about symmetry.