Turtles Autumn 1 2017 Newsletter

Super Me!

Now that I'm a Turtle!

What to expect in the first few weeks

Our main focus will initially be ensuring that the children settle into their new environment quickly and happily. It is important for us to build upon their positive Nursery experiences. Parents are welcome to come into the classroom this half term and help the children to settle, but as I am sure you can all appreciate it is going to be very busy in the cloakroom! You can help by encouraging your child to independently complete their morning routine including hanging up their coats and putting their book bags/packed lunches in the correct place. Please make sure that all of your child's belongings are clearly labelled, often things do get misplaced or muddled up so this will really help staff to support the children in taking care of their own things! We will be completing a range of assessments during the first half term to establish a Reception baseline. It is going to be a very busy half term so you can really help by making sure that your child is in school every day!

This half term our topic will be Super Me, we will be learning about what makes us unique and special. Through learning about ourselves we will be recognising that we are all different, we look different, we like different things and we have different skills and interests; this is what makes us special! Linked to our work in school on 'It's Ok' we will thinking about how the world is a more interesting place when we celebrate each other's' uniqueness. We will be transforming ourselves into Superheroes and creating our very own colourful costumes based on our interests and favourite colours. You can help by talking to your child about what they are good at, what makes them special and what super powers they would like! Don't forget to share the word mat below with your child to support the with vocabulary linked to our topic.
Why not visit the library and see if you can find any stories about Super Heroes? Watch the video below to share the story of Supertato! We will be reading this story in school too.
We will be learning all about our families and how families are all different. You can help by spending time talking about your family at home and identifying the different members of your family- this will help the children to create their very own family tree pictures. Why not watch the video below with your child and learn about how all families are different! This book is written by Todd Parr who also wrote the 'It's Ok' book that we love in school!
This half term we will be completing lots of practical maths and learning about number. We will be recognising, using, ordering numbers up to 20 and beyond. Can you do a number hunt around your house and see how many different places you can find numerals? Click here to practise matching the correct numeral to a group of objects. Through our work on ourselves we will be sorting according to eye colour, hair colour etc. As well as ordering objects including ourselves according to height. You could try this at home can you sort your family members according to height? You could upload a picture onto Tapestry so that we can share this at school. 
Read, Write, Inc (RWI)
We will be starting our Read Write Inc sessions, where we will be building on the phonics work the children have previously covered in Nursery.  We will be reviewing and teaching all Set 1 sounds and using our Fred Talk and Fred Fingers to blend and segment words. We will also introduce the children to 'tricky' red words. Remember 'You can't Fred a red you just have to know it!' Click here to find out about Set 1 sounds and how to teach these at home. Your child will also be bringing home a RWI letter formation sheet which will support them in the formation of letter shapes and writing. Use this as support whenever you child writes at home! Come along to the welcome to Turtles meeting to find out how you can support your child with phonics. 
This is a very exciting time for the children as they will very soon be bringing home their school reading book and reading record. We want to encourage a love of reading with all the children so reading regularly at home with your child is a must. Please write in your child's reading record whenever you can, this can be when you share any book or story not just when you read their reading book together. We ask that you try to read at least 4 times a week at home with your child to promote a love of books.  If your child has 4 comments each week in their reading records then they will be rewarded with a star. Once they collect 10 stars they get to choose a prize from the famous 'Dippy Box.'