Penguins (Year 4) Autumn 1 2019

No Place Like Home


We will begin our topic by using the eight points of the compass, four figure grid references, symbols and keys to build our knowledge of the local area and the UK.

Click on the map of the UK below to learn about scale, compasses and directions, map symbols and grid references.

This half term we will be working towards writing our own suspense story. We will use a model text to explore the structure and vocabulary needed to develop suspense and tension within a story. As a whole class, we will be reading the text 'Carrie's War' for inspiration and then using our knowledge of evacuees we will apply our learning to compose our own suspense stories of a WWII evacuee.
This half term we will be extending our knowledge of place value to 4-digit numbers. Click on the link below for a great game to play with a partner to help develop your knowledge of place value.
In Geometry we will identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles.
In Measurement we will be measuring lengths and calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes. Watch the video below to find out about perimeter.
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As part of our topic we will be studying WWII. We will begin this half term by exploring how and why the war started, identifying allied and axis powers. We will develop our chronological knowledge by looking at key events of the war.
Click on the word mat to become familiar with some of the vocabulary we will be using in our lessons
Science - States of Matter
We will be learning about the states of matter of everyday objects and exploring what happens when materials are heated up and cooled down. Click on the word mat below to become familiar with the vocabulary we need for this topic. Learn the song below to further your understanding of solids, liquids and gases.
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This half term we will be exploring the question 'Who was Jesus and why do people follow him?'.  Click on the image to watch a short clip about what life was like for Jesus growing up in Nazareth.