Nursery Seahorses Newsletter Spring 2 2019

 Fabulous Fairy Tales
Speaking and Listening continues to be a priority in Nursery and this topic gives lots of opportunities for the children to listen, join in and ask questions.  As the children become more familiar with the fairytales we share they will join in with the repetitive phrases and begin to retell the stories, taking on the roles of different characters. Simple concepts such as big and small will be explored and children will be encouraged to ask and answer questions to extend their thinking and understanding.  
You can support your child by reading some of your favourite fairytales and talking about the characters and some things that have happened in the story. Click on the link below to watch my favourite fairytale The Gingerbread Man. Also below there is a word mat showing you some of the words we will be using throughout the topic, why not check to see how many of these words your child understands?
Counting will continue to be a main focus this half term.  The children will be saying number names in order, as well as counting out a specific number of objects, knowing how many objects are in that set.  We will ask children to match quantities to a numeral, checking by counting.  You can work on this at home by playing the 'Gingerbread Man counting game' game at home, just click on the link below. 
The fairy tale topic will give the children lots of opportunities to be creative.  We will be making simple stick puppets to help us to retell the fairy tales we read as well as acting out the different roles from the stories, dressing up in costumes to help us!  Castle-building, gingerbread man-making and song-singing will all be going on as well as using instruments to change sounds and copy simple rhythms. 
Throughout the half term we will be continuing to talk about similarities and difference, getting children to talk about and describe themselves.  Where the children lack the vocabulary to do this, we will be teaching then the words needed to describe their hair, clothes etc, modelling this as necessary.  The children will also be given the opportunity to talk about their families and the things they like to do at home, again, developing the children's ability to use descriptive language.