Nursery Seahorses Newsletter Autumn 1 2019

All About Me
This is a great way to start the year, giving children time to learn about and talk about themselves!  Young children LOVE it when it's all about them and this topic gives them the chance to tell us all about themselves.  They will learn what makes them the same and what makes them different to others, building up the vocabulary, allowing them to describe their appearance, family, likes and dislikes.
We want the children to talk confidently about their family and their community, finding out what they like to do at home. We will be looking for some help and support from you at home!  We will ask for photographs of families and things relating to home life and these will be used to make class books for the children to refer to during their time in Seahorses.  Watch out for messages on Tapestry asking for certain photographs.  No need to print them off, we will do that for you in school.  
We love to see your posts on Tapestry and these significant events give the children something to talk about at news time and helps them to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.  
Here are some word mats with some vocabulary you can share with your child, encouraging them to use a wider range of words to describe their hair, family, pets and activities they like to do at home.
Good Listening and Attention is at the heart of all learning so we have high expectations!  The children will learn how to show good listening behaviour by 'giving 5' - 1. eyes looking, 2. ears listening, 3. lips closed, 4. hands still, 5. brain ready.  We will work on these listening skills individually, praising the children when they do the right thing.  Learning in Seahorses is practical and interactive and children are encouraged to join in, answer questions or explain what has happened and why.  Staff extend the language used by the children to develop their vocabulary.  Stories are often used as an introduction to a topic or theme and the learning follows the interests of the children to maximise their engagement and children need to be able to listan attentively to be able to recall key events from the story.  We will be asking parents to send in their child's favourite story book to share and discuss.
Number will be a priority area, in particular number recognition and awareness of 'how many' is in a set.  When the children are ready, they will begin to match numerals to quantities within 10 and beyond as they gain confidence.  Children will learn to count out a specific number of objects, stopping when they get to the right number.  The children will compare quantities, knowing when there is more or less and will become more confident in simple place value.  
Here is a counting game to play with your child.  Don't worry if they don't recognise any of the numbers, you can find the numbers for them.